06 January 2011

Thankful Thursday Top 10

Today the sky is bright and clear. The snow is slowly melting and the sun is sprinkling through the window. Delicious, creamy chicken tortilla soup was devoured with friends and now the house is quiet. Jack is asleep (with an unfortunate diaper rash, my poor son.) and Katie Melua is on Pandora. I need a cup of coffee. I'll be back.

This week I am thankful for...
1. That Cougan is better (his blood tests came back normal!) and has officially been given the green light to resume playdates! It was a happy day reuniting with friends and watching the boys rekindle their friendship. A month is a long time!

2. So thankful for my man who is so sweet and encouraging. 

3. Thankful for butt paste in diaper rash emergencies.

4. Family in Phoenix that let us outstay our welcome on occasion.

5. Busting a move to dance central for kinect at John's brother's house. So.much.fun. So thankful for the time to reconnect with family.

6. The beautiful and longed for snow.

other black and white pictures at black and white wednesday

7. Renewal of Pandora minutes. 

8. Old Navy's 50% off their 50% off things. HELLO!

9. Late night episodes of The Office season 3. I die laughing nearly every time. That show brings me such joy.

10. A new Bible study and getting to fellowship with new sisters in Christ. Also, I am so thankful for free childcare. Those that serve in that area are just amazing. 

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1 comment:

Candra Georgi said...

Sorry to hear he was sick!

I am anxious to try out the new gaming system...dancing sounds awesome!

what bible study are you doing?

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