08 November 2008

It's Official. Jingle Bell Rocks.

It's Christmas music 24/7 on 99.9. I couldn't be happier.

On a funny note, this last week I happened to see TWO dog walkers carrying their dogs down the street.
Granted, they were smaller dogs, but they were on a walk. What's the point of walking them if you are going to carry them the whole way?
I did a
look-over-the-shoulder-while-driving both times.
I had a little laugh to myself as well.

Funnier yet, I got smacked in the head with a book this week. One of the kiddo's I watch is on a "hitting streak" (God bless those mothers that have to deal with that all day) and as soon as he gets really excited (or over-stimulated, depends on your thinking.) He can't seem to hold it in and just starts smacking you with his hands. It started with a few hits from the plastic golf club and throwing plastic balls at your head, but has elevated to attacking me with his reading material! We were reading a book after his nap, looking at the pictures, laughing a little and all the sudden--WACK! On my face and up swelled my nose.
"Why?" I asked him. (He can't talk just yet, so I didn't get a response.)
But he is just so cute. What can you do?
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