08 November 2008

It's Official. Jingle Bell Rocks.

It's Christmas music 24/7 on 99.9. I couldn't be happier.

On a funny note, this last week I happened to see TWO dog walkers carrying their dogs down the street.
Granted, they were smaller dogs, but they were on a walk. What's the point of walking them if you are going to carry them the whole way?
I did a
look-over-the-shoulder-while-driving both times.
I had a little laugh to myself as well.

Funnier yet, I got smacked in the head with a book this week. One of the kiddo's I watch is on a "hitting streak" (God bless those mothers that have to deal with that all day) and as soon as he gets really excited (or over-stimulated, depends on your thinking.) He can't seem to hold it in and just starts smacking you with his hands. It started with a few hits from the plastic golf club and throwing plastic balls at your head, but has elevated to attacking me with his reading material! We were reading a book after his nap, looking at the pictures, laughing a little and all the sudden--WACK! On my face and up swelled my nose.
"Why?" I asked him. (He can't talk just yet, so I didn't get a response.)
But he is just so cute. What can you do?


Tricia said...

Hahaha! Wow. I have only subbed preschoolers for half-days, and each time, ended up wanting to run far, far away. I really admire you for thinking a kid that makes your nose swell up is still cute!

lanes said...

Oh, man. I used to watch a little horror of a boy last year and he LOVED throwing things at me and hitting me a lot. Good times, huh? Let's hope yours learns to talk soon and you can send him to time-out!

Tricia said...

So, this would be the kind of thing I'd write on your wall if I had facebook, but, don't have that so... blog! Last night, I asked Rachel if she could lend me a couple CDs for me to burn, so I could have some good roadtrip tunes on my way to Colorado (I'm driving there on Friday), which of course meant she gave me a dozen to burn =) one of them being your "killers and lovers" mix. GOOD stuff Mel! I about screamed with delight at the colplay's Merry Little Christmas at the end. Nicely done.

Les is more said...

i'll be expecting more posts from you little lady,what with you moving north in this beautiful state.
I cannot wait to see your favorite_____ you name it.

word verification: lisess

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