26 August 2011


Sorry for ignoring you, 'ol blog. I finally have my energy/appetite back and I took a run for it. It's been delightful. The weather is still hot (Arizona, you didn't get the memo? It's almost September.) In fact, I think this week is one of the hottest weeks we've had all summer. Along with it has come the monsoons. Real ones. Lots of thunder and rain and today, really cloudy skies. It's been heavenly.

17 Weeks

Two more weeks until we find out what we're having. Oh, my goodness am I excited. This is half the fun, to me. I have it planned so my dear sister is coming over to watch Jack ---p.s. I need to stop here to say how lucky and thankful I am to actually have a sister in town. I've secretly been envious of my friends who are 'going to my parent's' or 'my mom/sister/grandma can watch them...' But now, I can join the club and my sister is going to school up here and for the first time in three years we are closer than an hour and a half away. I am so excited! Yesterday she came over during Jack's nap and we watched Modern Family and Tangled. Oh, and I barely made dinner and forgot about the pile of laundry. Woops. But, boy, was it fun.--- All that to say, Maggie is gonna watch Jack when we get the ultrasound and John and I will head over together to find out if this little one is a boy or a girl. John is convinced it's a girl. I don't have definite feelings either way.

Maggie is going to school here!
Speaking of Tangled, how cute is that movie? I think this is my favorite scene. It reminded me of a Little Mermaid quite a lot too. 

These last few weeks have been busy! With my appetite back and my much missed energy we've been filling most days and weekends with plenty of water play dates!
This may look like a birthday party, but it is none other than a swimming party with Jack's buddies. He had a blast!

We also had a slip n slide play date on the weekend! John was able to go and we could sit and chat with friends and eat amazing food and enjoy the cloudy skies.

Cousin-buddies, Cougan and Casen. Too cute!

Jack and Ellie
Friends from Monday night Bible study
sharing babies and stories
Our little family tradition most Monday mornings is to go to the local Prescott Donut Factory for a donut. I mentioned it last Monday and Jack ran around in circles saying, "Doh-doh's! doh-dohs!" Uh, he gets that from me.

Jack saying, 'doh-dohs!' Too cute. p.s. That white frosted sprinkles is what I got. So, so yummy.

 We've also tried to restart our walks around the square. We went down there as a storm rolled in (annnd passed over us) and it was a nice walk with a cool breeze. I really do love living here.

Favorite song of the moment?

I heard this one the radio on the way to church and was pleasantly surprised to hear such talented voices on Christian radio...until I realized it was actually NPR and it was The Civil Wars. Oh man, they are consistently blowing me away.

12 August 2011

moments to remember

We heard the little ones heartbeat today. It was perfect and brought much peace and relief. We find out in ONE month what we're having! I can hardly contain myself. I saw the ultrasound tech today and almost wanted to grab her and ask her, "can you just check now? Please?! I'll pay you!" haha. But I didn't. It's so worth the wait. Kind of like Christmas.

I've been kind of enjoying the differences in this pregnancy than with Jack. 

With Jack I craved, 

-anything bad for you

With this one I crave,

-chips and sour cream dip (is there a pattern here?) 
-Egg salad

It's so different and in the mornings when I have cereal I sometimes have to force myself to finish it. Whah? This is not me. Pregnant or not pregnant. I love me my cereal. Maybe I should go back to investing in my golden grahams and fruity pebbles. I bet then I'd want to finish it ;) Or maybe not. Healthy cereals stay in my stomach longer.

The nausea is finally subsiding and I've already gained 5 pounds. My doctor was a little concerned that I had a lost a pound at my last appointment, but I told her, Don't you even worry, girl! I've got this one taken care of! 

I'm still kind of in awe that this is really happening. I look at Jack and wonder how I'll manage another one and how I'll manage to give them as much love and kisses as I do Jack. Last night on the way home from Bible study I asked Jack if he had fun to which he piped, "Yes!" And then did this loud and growl-giggle that made John and I break into laughter. He's growing so fast and has become a very independent little boy. At a playdate this morning he didn't want me (unless it was to show me the cars outside) and didn't mind falling or getting toys taken away. He did however, pinch a little girl and pull two older girl's hair. Oh, man. We left shortly after and he was asleep in the car within 10 minutes. My little fiesty monkey. Apologies to those kiddos and their mama's. 

Jackboy's expression when he sees his daddy is home.

Jack's recent "cheese" face. Literally.

a pool day out back with dear friends

I feel like this new kiddo is a girl, even though we have a great boy name picked. I'd love a little girl, though, and we shall somehow agree on a girl name if that happens. We started to talk about it yesterday and John said, "Let's just see if we even need to have that show down, okay?" haha. I wonder where Jack gets his fiestiness?

Girls night tonight and rain this afternoon. Two of my favorite things and it's only 2 o'clock.

So thankful for today and time which eventually passes and Jesus who heals and restores.

I read this post today and choked up. So true.  p.s. I'm choking up like all the time now, over every little thing. Be warned.

02 August 2011

Summer monsoons are in full swing as I sit and type and eat crackers and cottage cheese. My appetite has also returned and it has brought with it consistent hunger that doesn't seem to end unless I'm sleeping. And it all comes back to me, how I gained all that weight with Jack. And ate so much delicious food.

I feel thankful and full of hope that all is going well. We're in the second trimester this week and I can feel my energy returning, though my nausea still remains. I've been struggling a lot with fear lately and worry. Common worries for early pregnancy, but with me, worrying tends to be taken to a different level. On Sunday we heard a great sermon from a friend of ours who talked about how we are made to worship. We spend our lives worshiping something, but it's choosing what to worship. For me, I tend to let idols be what I worship. Idols that are, fame, control, fear, pride, doubt, things that we don't just think about, but allow to take over our hearts and lose our focus on Christ. I long to just have my gaze directed towards God and look to Him rather than the worry and fear that is so familiar and well known, but brings no peace and rest. To be able to look my deepest fear in the eye and tell it, "I'm not afraid anymore." Because, I'm not. Even if it's the absolute worst thing I could imagine, He is faithful. He is strong. He will use it for His glory. I was reminded this morning as I prayed that it's not a sin to be weak. That we all are weak, but in that weakness, He is made strong.

"But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." 2 Cor. 12:9

And that brought such peace. A moment I could breath and let it go. Again. Until an hour later when I had to do the same thing. :)

Last week we went north to Sedona to see my cousin and his wife for the day. It was so wonderful. My cousin Greg and I grew up by that creek and created hundreds of stories in those woods. It was great to take our boys there and see them take it in. Of course, I imagined them being a bit older and climbing mountains and building forts in the rocks and pretending that they are running away from the orphanage. Swimming in the creek and creating another world that only they knew of. I hope all those things for them, just because I miss my childhood so.

my cousin, Greg and Jack and Noah.

Noah is so cute!

possibly my favorite picture. Noah and Jack are so much alike and both love to run, to laugh, to swing and hit. Just sometimes. They're boys, what can I say?

The creek was cool, but not freezing. The weather was overcast and beautiful. A perfect summer afternoon. 

We finished the afternoon with delicious bean soup and playing with the dogs outside on the deck. Jack fell asleep on our way home and it was the ending of a really great day.

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