09 January 2007

"Michigan seems like a dream to me now..."

"...it took me four days to hitch hike from Saginaw."

That's right, I was so close to Saginaw I could smell it. And I could see how it would take four days to hitch hike through it. It was beautiful. It captured an essence of freedom I hadn't felt in a while. Somewhere in the midst of Michigan, I found a side of the man, whom I love greatly, that he hadn't been able to show me. It was this nature that couldn't break free because of careers, mortgage payments, sinus infections, and busy cities, but there...I saw it. It was like this whole other relationship was illuminated, one that couldn't have been illuminated, perhaps, if we hadn't traveled to Michigan. We visited his family and played with his nephews and nieces and took late night tours around his tiny hometown. I believe he showed me every, single inch of that city and it was like opening a gift every second of it. I saw his entire childhood in his gaze as he reminisced about different things and watched his heart soften. I could see his mischievous character when he was in grade school, the class clown and show off. I saw his relationship with his siblings and parents and the genuine love that filled his childhood home. Oh, and you better believe we had some great music to drive around to. It was...kind of pretty much like ...magic.

Life has been flying by and I can barely reach the coat tails that swing behind. It's an exciting adventure, of course. It's been a blessing...a long journey that Jesus has been so consistant in leading me through. I haven't written on here for a long time, but I figure it might be worth updating.

Someday, I wanna take the Greyhound from Pittsburgh and hitchhike through Michigan. And laugh on the bus. And play games with the faces.

"...I said, "be careful his bowtie is really a camera."
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