18 September 2011

It's a. . . . . . .


Honestly, I was really surprised. I really thought it was going to be a boy and though I had a small hunch that it was a girl (one example being my crazy hormones during this pregnancy. I am supplying estrogen for two, people!) that was the biggest giveaway. However, we had a perfect boy name picked out that I loved and dreamed about saying ever day. But girl names...they are harder for us to decide/agree on. Such a big responsibility to name a future woman. Jack's name wasn't hard because #1. He's named after his dad directly. and #2. I felt like there were so many inspiring people named Jack and it was a great hero name.

these are from some of my favorite books as a kid

A girl? That's a bit trickier. Probably because I am a girl and there tends to be a bit more baggage behind a name. Good or bad. It's just tough. We do have a couple that we really like, but I'm not settled just yet. I guess I do have some time.

I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed on providing a new wardrobe for this little tike. I love used stuff and was looking forward to the next kiddo wearing all of Jack's fun outfits that he outgrew way too fast. Oh well. Maybe next time. I've already started to go through and pick out things that could be worn on a girl. I was pretty much a tomboy as a kid and having two older brothers I didn't think much about cute outfits or dresses (unless they were dress-up clothes) I just wanted something I could ride a bike in, pretend in and play barbies in. This is a whoooollle new adventure. 

My heart is also humbled at this incredible opportunity to raise a woman for Jesus. Such a beautiful and challenging task to encourage them during those delicate years ahead. Getting their heart broken, feeling left out, awkward, and all those other wonderful things a young woman feels. I pray to be supportive, but allow them to experience and feel on their own. I know Jack will go through things like that too, but it will be different and he might not want to talk about his feelings much at all by then. Oh, man. Teenagers. Thank God we've got a little time before that.

All that to say, we are excited. John especially. Now if we could just decide on a name... ;)

14 September 2011

autumn adventures

Is it wrong that I just goosebumps when I watched this? ...For the second time. 

I am such a sucker for those twilight movies/books. It makes me feel like a teenager again...and somehow I can get lost in it for just a little. I guess like any good book and or movie, huh?

This last week has been oh-so-busy and oh so wonderful. We've been busy 'round these parts and mostly inspired by the change of weather. We welcomed September with open arms and it brought cold mornings (today the house was 62 degrees inside! I was so tempted to turn on the heater.) and lots of beautiful clouds full of raging thunderstorms. Sunday night we had friends over for chili and enjoyed the open windows and consistent rain. On Monday night we gathered in a warm home full of breakfast-for-dinner foods and watched the rain dramatically fall outside accompanied by plenty of thunder and lightening. It was so, so beautiful. To us Arizona folks, the rain is a celebrated event. 

Bummer of the week was the much anticipated discovery of the sex our babe was put off for a few more days. The tech was sick (not sure what's a bigger bummer. That she was sick or that we only have one tech at the doctor's office.) and they couldn't get me in again until FRIDAY. I was a wreck. It was like knowing you were going to Disney Land on September 12 for like a month and then when it came...to find out it's postponed. I was like a kid on Christmas morning who was told it wasn't actually Christmas, but December 20. My goodness. So, one more day and we shall know, hopefully.

Casen, Jude, Cougan, Jack and Lincoln

I am so thankful for dear friendships...particularly of the female variety. I love my man, but I love me some good girl-time and contagious laughter, exchanging stories of the struggles of motherhood and beyond, and of course, enjoying some yummy food. 

On Tuesday we had a french-toast/latte extravangza. There were five boys all within months of each other. Future warriors of truth and grace. They played, they hit, they laughed and chased each other. It was such precious moments to experience...their little personalities sprouting from within. It was wonderful. It was a cool morning and letting the boys explore outside was perfect. 

We put on a tractor movie in order to keep the boys on the couch. I think they liked that more than their crazy mama's trying to get their attention.

sweet Jude

this man loves his tractors and i was in the way.

baby girl Brynlee was there for the fun too. Poor girl amidst all those boys. Maybe we'll have a girl to join her?

the kiddos and their mama's.

Casen was so smooth with his model face.

blowing bubbles in the rain water

Lincoln, so sweet and friendly. When Jack hit him I kept asking Jack to say sorry and Lincoln would just say, "sorry, Lincoln. Sorry." haha.

Jack loves dogs...even if they run away from him.

Most mornings have looked like this:

And in the evening we try to take advantage of the breeze and beautiful sunsets.

the growing belly

Our boy is almost two. Where has the time gone?

What I'm looking forward to tonight? The season premiere of PARENTHOOD.

Welcome, Fall. I've missed you.

06 September 2011

labor day

The last week has a been a bit heavy. Not very much for me, but for those around me. It's been so encouraging to see friends come alongside each other and carry grief and sadness and pain together. No matter what, painful trials are so difficult, but what beauty in sharing the load. To pray for peace that only Christ can bring and the closeness that He promises.

Jack's favorite spot. On his daddy's lap reading Car and Driver.

Jack has suddenly turned into a real little boy. The baby is nearly gone (despite the binky and diapers, mind you) but I feel his changes happening so quickly, it's hard to keep up. The words, the mimicking little voice, the giggling and running. We had my brother and his family and my parents up for the weekend. It was so great to see Jack adore having other kids around. He crawled with his younger cousin and raced cars with his older cousin. Any kid who wants to play? He is in. ...I think he might get that from me. ;)

Happy Birthday to Papa!

On Labor Day we played at a nearby park and watched the clouds roll in...

A great storm that came later.

A friend showed me this article and it made me smile. We're nearly halfway there with this pregnancy and in my heart of hearts, I know I don't really have a strong conviction about whether or not we have this little one all-natural like we did with Jack. Was it beautiful? Yes. Was he healthy? Yes, by God's grace. Was it traumatic? ...Um, yes. And here's my theory: there are adventure seekers who love a good roller coaster, jumping off of a cliff into freezing waters, camping in the middle of nowhere, rock climbing, para-sailing, skydiving, etc...the list goes on. They love the thrill of a risk and feel this empowerment of looking at a dangerous, scary, thrilling task and saying, "I got this. I can do this." and then they jump. And it's scary, but so awesome and so worth it. I admire these type of people and love being around them because they nudge me in the risky direction. I, however, am not that kind of person. Oh, how I wish I was. Growing up with two older brothers, I hated being the wimp who had to turn back because I was afraid of getting lost in exploring our woods, or having my cousin hike my back down the mountain because it was too high for me. Haha. I am just not a risk-taker. I barely made it to a very, very rustic cabin in Canada and I made John put up a tent in the cabin because I don't love mice or bats. I have learned a lot about myself over the years and have come to terms (and am really okay with) the fact that I don't enjoy risks. I like consistency and "safe" experiences. I like to laugh and joke and say things like, "I can do this." because believe it or not, some of the most simple, every day tasks are daunting to me and are still a 'lil scary. But Jesus has brought me a long. A long way.

and so, all that to say, I really loved giving birth to Jack without an epidural, but I don't think I'll do it again. I am ready to try a different avenue, and one that does not include traumatic nightmares afterward. Gotta love those risk-takers...and to be honest, I still feel like I am one, by just being a mama.
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