08 September 2005

Oi, I am here.

My third day out of America.

My second day in the Ukraine.

My first day where I felt slightly normal waking up...a dream however, was quite startling and my sleep is unsteady and rare. But God is faithful, as always.

Yesterday we were driving home in a mini-bus and the driver asked why Zoya was speaking in english and she explained we were visitors from Australia and America and he began to ask so many questions about life at home and how different it was. He was so surprised to hear of visitors to the Ukraine. We spoke and joked like we were family and it was great. Only one other man was on the bus and so we talked of life (they asked about McDonalds and if we ate it a lot in America!) and if life in America was like the movies and all these things that most Ukrainians probably believe. It was incredible. He asked us to go for a beer, but we told him we don't drink (though almost every male does here) and that we would go for coffee or something. A few others entered the bus and the conversation subsided and it was done. It was a blessing.

Anyway, pictures coming soon.
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