19 May 2009

This one is for you, Rach

As a neglectful crony (sorry Rach, here are the promised pictures.) I have failed to reveal the fact that we are expecting our first little blessing and miracle on November 3, 2009. It's true. We are taking the leap. Scared? Yes, a bit. Glad that the first trimester is over and I can once again eat things without feeling like I'm going to puke? DEFINITELY.

We had a miscarriage in August so we really wanted to make sure things were going well before we told people. Praise God things are going good. Although this has been a heart wrenching, faith stretching experience it has been a good one.

So, here we are 16 weeks into the adventure.

I had to add this picture in here because it's too hilarious. There are birds nesting in the house next to ours and John can hardly stand it. He goes out there about five times after he gets home to shoot down the birds with a BB gun. He's killed one and injured three others. I try to convince him to stop, but he's adamant. I couldn't help myself when he was in the middle of getting and went outside to go get one last shot. He deserved this picture, I say, and as soon as I said, "Don't move." He rushed inside yelling, "Wait, let me change first!" But that was the best part! He is great. And ready to be a dad. I think. I hope. No, he is. :) ;)

By the way, I had these chocolates a couple of weeks ago and they. were. A-MAZING.
Extra creamy, milk chocolate, with toffee and almonds. Basically, it's a cheaper version of a Toblerone bar.

Last, but not least, it's been thunder storming these last couple of days and it has been

I love the smell of Arizona rain.

01 May 2009

blogworthy material:

My brother's band just released their first CD on universal records. I am so excited for them. They've worked so hard and it was so fun to see them rollingstone.com and on itunes new and noteworthy.
If you want, you can buy their new album on itunes

or visit them

or See their video

or merely just revel in the joy with me. :)
What a good way to start the day!
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