who is mel?

Well, hullo there. My name is Mel. I'm so glad you stumbled upon this little place.

My family and I recently relocated to the Silicon Valley. We stepped into one of the busiest, growing, cluttered areas to follow Jesus. We believe He's called us to this city. 

My husband's name is John. He has an intense love for God's truth, God's people and good vehicles. He is an incredible father, husband and friend.

We have two kiddos, Jack and Zoey and are in the process of our adopting our third child from Haiti.

Jack is almost 6 and a true pal. He loves cars, trucks and trains and will ask you to play with him as soon as he meets you. He is loyal, brave, and loves to sing a good song. He is spirited and full of joy and our sweet boy.

Zoey is three and a half. She loves animals, having fun and riding with the windows down. She loves to make new friends, eat ice cream and go for family walks. She is tender hearted and so very nurturing.

We are here on earth for such a short time and our hearts desire is to serve Christ in all things. to lose our life so that we may find it in Him.

We are passionate about truth and being real.
being messy and vulnerable. because that is what we all are. wort's and all.

I hope you can simply BE, wherever you are reading from.

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