08 January 2016

seasonal changes

Well. It happened, friends. We got the best Christmas present this year. We received our official referral from Haiti! And actually as I write this we are packing up and getting ready to leave Sunday night for our 15 day visit. It. is. happening!!! We still have quite a journey ahead of us and lots more days of praying and seeking, but we are oh so thankful we're reaching this milestone. It's been a long journey, but here we are. If you're interested in getting updates will you email me at mel.dickerson@gmail.com? I'm hoping to send out email updates while we're there.

Once again we have swam through the seasons swiftly and another Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone. Our first here in this new place and new season. They were both really wonderful and I tried to embrace the change and the new experiences and starting new traditions. Both of the kids are at such great ages to enjoy the traditions and festivities of holidays.

John wrote an amazing devotional at Proverbs 31 Devotional. It's been such an amazing journey watching him use the gifts God has given him and see him grow as a person and a teacher.

This season has not been void of challenges, or hard days or lonely days. But man, it's been full.

My parents were even able to come for Jack's birthday/our first Halloween here. It was still unseasonably warm then.

This is how Zoey perches her little self often through out the day. She loves everything little and can be heard throughout the house creating great stories and little animals singing together. Sometimes she's like looking in a mirror. Sometimes its a good thing and sometimes it almost breaks my heart. The other day she asked why Jack's teacher doesn't say Hi to her. I wished at that moment I could whisper into her ear "don't for a minute wonder why people don't say hi to you." but alas, that gene is already in there. I will do my best, but the girl is a tender mercy heart who loves people something fierce.

We put up our tree right after Thanksgiving. Another Christmas tree being put up without our little one home, but we so look forward to when she is here. Maybe next year she'll be home.

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