29 April 2009

5 Things That Are Embarrassing to Admit, but Not Too Embarrassing To Post About

1. I love High School Musical. In fact, I find myself belting out the tunes in my car just for the fun of it. I also dragged John to see the 3rd one at the drive-in.

2. I was/am a major Hanson groupie. Still would be if they ever played a show west of Oklahoma.

3. I love to dance and occasionally my sister and I will dance for hours in her room, one time it was to learn the steps to a High School Musical song...

4. I love the show Reba. Reruns are on Lifetime and I just think that show is hilarious. I have no idea why, but I choke up during the theme song.

5. I love to listen to Christmas music year round. Like right now. That's not really embarrassing, but not necessarily normal.

Food For Thought

From Dr. Dale Robbins:
“A number of years ago, Dr. David H. Fink, a psychiatrist for the veterans administration, wrote an article for Coronet Magazine, entitled, “Release from Nervous Tension.” In his article, he outlined his research into the causes of mental and emotional disturbances.
“From over 10,000 case studies, he discovered that there was a common trait with all his patients who suffered from severe tension. They were habitual fault-finders, constant critics of people and things around them. Those who were free from tension, were the least critical. His conclusions were that the habit of fault-finding is a prelude or mark of the nervous, or the mentally unbalanced. Those who wish to retain good emotional and mental health, should learn to free themselves from a negative and critical attitude.

This quote stuck with me for a while.

16 April 2009

let me tell you about my dream...

For those of you who don't read this blog, you might not know what I'm talking about.

There's this blog that I have been following about a young family from Mesa. The mother of four young children and her husband were in a terrible plane accident and here both badly burned. I read about it for the first time in a newspaper at the bank. It was a pretty sad story, but miraculously they both survived. I have shed a couple of tears over these strangers merely by looking through their blog. The couple are recovering and have moved to Utah with their four little ones. Well, a few weeks ago I was driving with John and suddenly it hit me,

"What if the whole blog is made up? Like, what if some mom craving a popular blog came up with this big bowl of drama to write about and created it out of thin air?" It's not
unheard of and honestly, I think I would appreciate it as a well-done creative idea.
Kind of twisted, right?

Yesterday she posted pictures from Easter and I felt kind of bad. She sure is still recovering and so is her husband. "They still could have photo shopped it!" said my husband last night.
No, no...in fact, I think it really did happen.

I had a dream last night that I actually prayed and asked forgiveness for doubting the blog.
Hahaha. A BLOG.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to hold onto that creative idea and save it for a rainy day......or not.

10 April 2009

This idea was stolen, respectfully, from my dear friend Spiro's blog this morning.
I liked the idea so much I had to give it a go myself. So here we have it...

Top 5 Scenes that Get me Every Time...






After telling John about this post he commented on how there should also be Top 5 Scenes that Make You Laugh....not a bad idea.

09 April 2009

Well Hello there 'ol Blog...

It's been entirely too long.
It's spring...and along with the spring brought visits from dear friends...

...and healthy doses of Christmas music in March ie I just discovered the radio option in iTunes and found I can listen to a great variety of Christmas music without commercials! I can't wait for Christmas!

Well, I must not be the only one because Prescott is expecting snow showers on Saturday.

That's all really. More to come...

neil diamond should not do Christmas albums ever again.
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