22 December 2006

This is one of my favorite Christmas memories.

It's been way too long since I updated this. My apologies. But man, these past few months have flown. So much has happened. But just enjoy the movie :)

Merry Christmas!!!!!

10 September 2006


Sometimes you hear...things that settle deeper than most things. For some, this happens often. Probably because they look for them. These quotes sort of just fell into my lap in these last few days. Fell isn't really the right word. Were Placed sounds better. Well, that and a ton of great music.

Just a bit thought provoking...
"Something changed inside me broke wide open all spilled out ...till I had no doubt that something changed Never would have believed it till I felt it in my own heart in the deepest part the healing came..." -Sara Groves

"And while we yet were sinners, Christ died for us. He did not leave us alone. He stepped into our condition to bring us back to God. To bring us back to what was intended. The divine, bearing all of depravity. The most horrific of collisions. The most tragic and beautiful. The breaking is glorious and loud. We have won. It might not feel like it. You might not see it just yet. But the reality of our situation is that rescue is present. Every second of life is spent in the very presence of God. There is not a second of human history that he has not been present. Majesty is here. And it is coming. Finally. Just be quiet. And wait."- David Crowder

"I used to think discipline and self-control was a natural by-product of a supernatural holiness and revival. but now I see that lack of self-discipline is keeping my holiness (which I already have in Jesus) from controlling my life and coming to the surface. This is a brand-new view, and I believe I've isolated the enemy's greatest stronghold in my life at this time... Discipline is not holiness--nor the way to holiness--it just helps you maintain it."
(Keith Green, 1980)

life is good. God is glorious.

08 September 2006

Season 3 in 26 Days


- you are glad your weekend is over because LOST is on in three days

- you recruit new viewers as if it was your job

- your at the beach and it's time to leave but the cars a long walk and you say, "Lets just build a raft out of some trees nearby."

- you see smoke in the sky and you scream, "THE OTHERS ARE COMING!"

- you refuse to watch anything with Michelle Rodriguez in it because you're:
a. upset at her for killing Shannon
b. upset at her for being a bitch to Sayid
c. upset at her for sleeping with Sawyer
d. upset at her for getting Libby in a drunk driving scandal forcing the producers to kill them off.

- your answering machine says "sorry I can't come to the phone, I'm either in school, working, or watching lost"

- something scary happens and you count, "1...2...3...4...5"

- you think Sawyer's glasses rock...and you wouldn't mind owning a pair just like them

- teddy bears are now totally creepy and sweat spots are cool

- The season two release, and the season premier is: In your calendar, daily planner, and cell phone.

- 4 8 15 16 23 42 is a password for something.

- You consider the people you don't know in your school "the others"

- you buy the soundtrack

- You drop $60.00 on the DVD when you watched every show for free on your T.V.

- "You All Everybody" is your ringtone

- Someone gets smart with you, you start waiving your hands and go, "Whatever you say MR. Locke, Why don't you go on a Walkabout!"

- Someone says you can't do something you immediately think and say out loud "Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do!!!!"

- Someone doesn't like the Food your cooking you reply, "sure beats the sea urchin from Jin, I mean when was the last time we had some bore meat."

- Someone says the baby, you get that Claire accent and repeat The BABY.

- You've run out of snacks so you eat imaginary peanut butter.

- You get on a plane and almost wish it would crash so you can make rafts and huts and awesome adventures.

- Winning the lottery suddenly doesn't sound so good.

- you have the cable guy on speed dial - just in case it gets fuzzy while you're watching...and he recognizes your voice

- people who hear you talk about the characters think they are people you know (non-Lost watchers)

- you instantly feel a close connection with anyone who knows who Eko is

- you're still trying to figure out how anna lucia got a dui since she's dead

- you're sure they make it off the island because you've seen them in magazines (can't separate reality from the show)

- you've pee'd your pants because you can't miss one second of that hour

- you yell at anyone who come into your room while you're watching LOST

- you read about John Locke for history class and immediately picture him as a bald guy who hunts boar!

- You see the pilot episode (again) and sigh... they were so young and naive...

30 August 2006

This post is much delayed. I should have done it the day I saw this film. Funnily enough, however...I am not surprised that I saw a post on three other people's blogs before I got around to finally doing this

...Let me start with the music:
It's delightful..like a piece of everything someone could want in something they enjoy. Devotchka is ridiculously talented. The music kept the story flowing even when they were silently driving and adding a bit of Sufjan in there was a brilliant idea. I love the line in Chicago when it says, "I drove to New York in a van, with my friend. We slept in parking lots...I don't mind, I don't mind. I was in love with a place, in my mind...in my mind." Oh silly Sufjan. (he could come to our Christmas party as well, Kate :) The rest of the music was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the song that played during/after the credits.

Next..the story line...what beauty, simplicity, complexity, brokeness, and humaness all at the same time. I loved it. I thought the character growth was brilliant and the family was so dynamic (like most families are, let's just admit..)

oh, yeah, i'd totally see it again. It's even a good movie to see by yourself. kind of like bon said...when you see it you wish you could stick every single person that is important to you in the theater with you and watch this movie bring them the same kind of joy that it brought you.

07 August 2006

The Word from Ukraine...

Last night I was reading through the journal I wrote while I was in Ukraine. While doing that I decided three things.

1. I think too much.
2. I think too much.
3. I felt a lot of things then that I almost forgot, but should always remember.

//One of the entries went like this..
Dec. 14 2005..
I want to trust You, never doubt.
I want to love You, never ceasing.
I want to please You, but not through works.
I want to worship You, but not for all others to see.
I want to serve You, but not for my benefit.
I just want to praise You.
I just want to learn I can't lose Your love and that it is unending.

It's one of those things that one might pray about and then later forget you asked for. He's beginning to unveil it. And it's beautiful.

On a slightly lighter note, I got an email from Andrey (for your Bible schoolers) and it went a bit like this..

Greetings Melanie.
Now I can communicate with you through the Internet because have connected
it to the computer. I'm fine. The wife and the daughter feel like perfectly.
I have finished the first rate of university and have passed on the second.
Write to me I wait for news from you.

I love how Russian translates into English.

26 July 2006

It's 83 degrees in Phoenix! Up the ladder with another platter, it's boss!

Another fun-filled evening on the telly with my crony Rachel. We talked of almost everything (as we do most late nights) and that particular night there was a thunderstorm outside of my window. Two hours into my future Rachel was at her home in Kansas mulling over her evening and thinking outloud. I love it when we can do that.

The lights were off in my room and my window was open. The lightning danced in front of me and I began to doze off. In the middle of a sentence I heard myself say words I didn't mean to say,

"They just need clean up their toys, they should just clean up their toys." As soon as I had said it we both stopped talking and Rachel said with a grin. I really should leave work at work.

"What did you just say?" We both burst into hysteric fits of laughter.

"That's it, you can never make fun of me for falling asleep on the phone because you...you just SPOKE in your sleep on the phone...about nothing subject related!" She said through her audible laughter.

I laughed too, turned on my light and said goodnight to my thunderstorm.

I miss my pal. Rachel, come to visit soon please.

20 July 2006

Time between Christmas and my Birthday

I decided this music video was share-able just because this lady has caught my listening ears. Spiro, I remember when you asked me if I knew her while I was in Ukraine...I didn't fully understand that question until I realized she was from Russia....ooooh...

I remember when the most important part of my year was the short time span between Christmas and my birthday. When I was a kid it was like the time between meshed together. Those two days of celebration were the only things that really mattered. Oh that and when I was going to go on vacation to visit my cousins. Today at work the kids were having their normal four year old conversations (burping the ABC's, who's going to beat up who and who liked girls...yeah, at four, can you imagine?) One of the girls named Samantha looked up at me and says "After my birthday its Christmas!" I smiled nostalgically at that because I recalled that same exact feeling of excitement for those two days. I nodded my head and for all I knew her birthday was in August.

Being around him is like living in the thrilling time between Christmas and my birthday...enjoying the time but looking forward to the next time. I enjoy his company just as much as I enjoyed those two days. Maybe even a little bit more.

12 July 2006

I've lived in Phoenix for approximately two years now and so many wild changes have been thrown in my direction. Times have been hard, horrible, good, funny, crazy, and lonely. I've felt about every emotion possible in the last two years...I've felt things I never thought I would have to feel and new things I had never felt before. But that's really besides the point. When I first moved here it was hard for me to adjust to having my family in every direction I turned. I had cousins that I had missed and loved since I was a kid and now, they were surrounding me. It was weird to adjust to talking with them, seeing them and beginning to view them as friends rather than simply the family connection we shared. There are a few reasons why I love those cousins. One of them is this picture. My cousin Jason sent it to me today. I had been driving in mad havoc to get to the bank and back to work all in my lunch hour. I stopped at home to get a check and saw this in my mail box. Who does this? He brought a smile to my face, full of laughter and joy...realizing how great his humor is and how without him even realizing it, he could brighten my entire day (not like I have some crazy mad for Colin Firth or anything...but hello, look at that picture, its hilarious.)

The other is a picture of my 4th of July and the excitement you can have with just a people who share a deep similarity but all contain these wild and crazy imaginations. That was one of the funnest times of this year...and let's face it, how often do we see rain here in Phoenix? Next to never. This is our attempt (we didn't have the right resources) for a Lost picture. That's me on the far left corner with Vincent. :) Err....Indiana.

This is Abbie and I just messing around...as if we were on a deserted island or something...

06 July 2006

Balle Balle

Gracie this one is for you...

05 July 2006


...So lately I've kind of entered into a sort of imagination-stretching experience. I started watching Lost a few months ago with my cousin and haven't really had time to stop...this show is incredible. It's really mind blowing.

I found a website that explains a lot of confusing stuff that goes on...if you haven't had a chance to dive into it and you have a free weekend I suggest you just buy the first season and go for it...give it a chance and let me know your thoughts on it.

Also and just for fun, I found this video a couple months back and I found it outright hillllarious...


16 June 2006

Kajra Re

Rachel, check this out. This is my new fun past time. Of course when Abbie and I do this it looks nothing like it, but we're learning. This is my favorite song. When Grace was here we listened to this again and again on the way to Cali and back. Thought you might enjoy it.
This Is Brilliant

For those of you that...loved Titanic when it first came out (for most of the people that read this blog, it totally applies to you) Please check this out. Whoever did this quite a good job editing in all the films, and its really hilarious...I have no idea how I came across this.

14 June 2006

Billy Elliot dance

This is one of the moments that make a movie fantastic. I can't really put my finger on why I love it so much, but I just do.
Our Kate, this one is for you. I miss you and our novel length emails. Please come back soon.

13 June 2006

Feather For Wings...

Yesterday my cousin asked me about Capernwray. She asked if I ever got homesick. I responded seriously,

"Homesick for England?" She gave me a weird glance. "No, for home."

Funny how places become your home away from home. I miss that.

Some things and people I miss...
Good travel partners in crime, Jordan and Susan
Good English sunrise.
Good friends, Spiro, Kristina and Bonnie
Good Room Six room mate Our Kate and Bonnie
Good 'ol CP's of Capernwray!!
Good German friend (and perhaps ONLY German friend :) :) Katha Schmidt
Our Good Home away from Home (for how long it was.)
My friend Isaac just got back this last week. It's been two years this past week. (For you Spring schoolers.) Wahoo.

08 June 2006

I'm happy that you're happy...

And you know what makes me happy?

Seeing X-Men 3 on a surprise day off! It was a fantastic movie. I still felt like I could have done a better job than Rogue, but who's comparing. I don't see many movies in the theater, but this one I would see at least two more times before it goes to DVD. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and what was almost two hours felt like only fifteen minutes. Everything that happens is critical and intense (and sometimes a little crazy) but constantly surprising you. The new characters were fantastic and the old ones weren't annoying yet...(or weren't there long enough to be annoying) So, do me a favor and go and see it. Not even just for sci-fi or X-Men fans (because, obviously, you don't have to see all three to understand it) But just go see it because its very nicely put together.

On a slightly amusing note, I went to get out of the parking garage after the movie and the man in his little cave for employees took my ticket and said "Five dollars, please." I looked at him and responded. "Oh, I went to see a movie and I thought I didn't have to pay if it was under four hours?" With a completely dissatisfied and annoyed face, he said. "You have to stamp it. It's five dollars now." He still starred at me. I swallowed my pride and responded. "Oh, okay. Then I am going to go back and get that stamped." He handed me the ticket and sarcastically said. "Fine, you do that." I reversed and went all the way back up to my parking space to go get that thing stamped.

Oh, and you better believe I did. I jumped over flower pots and ran up escalator stairs (still on a high from X-Men.) I returned to my friends out of breath yet satisfied. I may not have mutant powers, but I can still save losing five dollars. Oh, what I would give to have mutant powers. If you could have any mutant power in the world, what would you have? Be creative here, please.

And go see the movie. You will be entertained and inspired.

30 May 2006

Here's to Kajra Re and California...

...this is me and Grace on the beach she so wanted to see. Being with Grace was like reliving a memory that you never thought you would be able to. I couldn't have asked for a better couple of weeks. Here's a little trip re-living the memory one last time.

...This was when Grace and I went out for a Greek dinner. That night they had a belly dancer and Greek dancing and breaking of plates (Kristina, I thought you might find this picture kind of cool.) Sadly, my camera broke so no more pictures like this one :(

...although a few funny things did happen, of course. When we got to Santa Monica beach in California Grace was expecting us to go swimming. It was freezing and there was no way we were going to go swimming. We started to walk towards the beach when a weird scrawny white kid came up to us and started to make small talk about how he thought we were models. I started laughing and Grace invited him to come along with us. He asked us if he could rap for us. I said, of course. He didn't however, and I am not even sure if he knew how. Walking along the pier he started to make comments about wanting to pinch Grace's bum and she turned to me to say, "Mel, at one point I just got very uncomfortable." So we sort of ignored him until he disapeared. I haven't talked to as many strangers as I did that day on the Santa Monica Pier, man...that is sad.

Next, however, was a young guy who was visiting from Manchester, England and was an aspiring actor/model. He had been to acting school in England and was about to graduate. That's him with his mom in the picture. His school would be sending him to California to get his feet wet. Of course, as if I were a professional, I warned him about the drugs in Hollywood and how "they will offer you any drug you can think of and they'll make a mess of your career." I suggested he didn't try out for any MTV specials or American Idol. He agreed. He had a thick Manchester/Northern English accent and I told him he would get any job in Hollywood with that accent. I didn't tell him that they'd probably make him lose it eventually. After talking for a while and eating a Churro we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. I think I just met the next Jude Law, guys, seriously. As we walked back to the beach, Grace just kept yelling "Don't you mess this up, Mel! Not this one!"...Who me? Mess something up? No...:)

Then we went to Universal Studios and somehow saw the entire park in a day and still drove all the way back to Phoenix that night.
That's Grace and I with our fellow partner in crime, Andrey. We missed him this trip. We missed him in a way that you don't realize you miss someone until a duo-that-used-to-be-a-trio isn't together. (Side note: That is actually Russel Crowe in the picture, but Andrey looks just like him anyway.) The Real Andrey:

Back to Universal...here is the funnest picture we took. My favorite question of the day? After a Universal worker or stranger would see me and my whiteness they would proceed with, "Where are you from?" to Grace. At first, Grace would respond, "England." then after a while she realized people wanted to hear "Nigeria." She was fascinated by how everyone asked and smiled and said "hello" Oh, America. ps: I thought the peace sign would make me look un-American here.

...No, don't be alarmed. We didn't witness a horrible crash (we also weren't on the set of Lost ((sadly enough)), but we WERE however on the set of War of the Worlds! I seriously was about to jump out of the little car and walk onto the set, running my hands through my hair and maybe faintly here Tom say, "Get in the car!" It was fantastic. One of my favorite parts.

...I end with this. I end with it because it was funny. We had just got out of the Shrek 4-D ride and I didn't know why we were taking a picture with them. Grace got the easy one, but Miss Fiona here did not seem too thrilled with this picture.

I miss Gracie. I hope she comes back soon so we can Indian dance in LA traffic at 6pm again. Gracie, if you're reading this...come back soon, ok?

Turn, Turn, Turn...

There's this little band I had almost forgotten about called Travis. Those crazy Scots that stole a bit of my heart back in high school. They were visited again as I rode home from the mountains this past weekend. I heard this and it wrote everything that I was thinking. Strange when music does that...

"I want to see what people saw
I want to feel like I felt before
I want to see the kingdom come
I want to feel forever young
I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I belong
I want to live
I will survive
And I believe that it wont be very long
If we turn turn turn turn turn
Then we might learn
So wheres the stars
Up in the sky
And whats the moon
A big balloon
Well never know unless we grow
Theres so much world outside the door,"

There's something about driving with a dad who at one time you would have despised being seen with and suddenly deeply appriciating him. When he skips through his CD to show you his "favorite one" so that you might enjoy the 70's rock and roll too. He's pretty incindiary.

03 May 2006

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright...

Here's something I should have done a loooong time ago. Sorry Rach. It's like going on the trip all over again. This is just a few snippits from my trip to Kansas a couple of weeks ago. Here's to a Road Trip to Oklahoma, a short visit with an old friend, a fancy photo fun shoot, and 80's Dance Party and an all-night-until-6 AM adventure...or, not.

So it begins, from our 'ol T-Town...

This is the rain that never stopped...and our reaction.

Trying to find out where we are..and our six hour detour to Tulsa...why, I wonder?

Spending time with an old friend...oh and not purposly doing that weird face. And enjoying a much missed Christmas Feel.

...the next morning, on the road again.

THEN...we found it. The most amazing find of the world!
Rachel thought so too..

...I walked around like this the wholetime...utterly speechless. It was perfect.

It was so fun.

Billings Oklahoma...
...right when we got back we went to an 80's Dance Party...needless to say, the guys sat on the sidelines and...SAT...but we danced for 3 hour strait! WOW!
...and after the 3 hour dance-a-thon we went on a little adventure. This is Elena. She's a girl I met that night and felt like we had been friends for years.
...then Rachel and Elena had a little collision and the police came...yeah, it wasn't so good...not cause they fell...but I told them it wasn't a good idea...

...us at the graveyard back in Topeka.
...eating TAD'S Snow Cone before I left...
...and in a snap second, it is all gone and I am home again with little to no country roads...

29 March 2006

check. this. out.

a small few know what film this photo is from...(thanks to kristina for introducing this picture to me) and if you don't know what it is from, i highly recommend you find out. a new movie, called Everything Is Illuminated...

it beautifully captures Ukraine and its humble estate and yet the reality of what lies on the history of that country. it catches the simple minded and hilarious Ukrainian people as well as the typical Americans. it's a true story with genuis shots and the music is fantastic. the movie would not be a movie without alex.

please, please. go and rent this. and enjoy it. and think of Ukraine while you do. and remember everything that went on there.

maybe this post was in vain. maybe not.

...is anyone alive out there?

21 March 2006


this is one of my favourite pictures.

one of the three in the picture had a birthday recently. as i remember, she hates when people make it known that it is her birthday, but i just couldn't resist. her humor and admirable personality is missed but far from forgotten. it's been a looong while since i've seen her. i wouldn't mind seeing her soon.

happy birthday me-bon-who-lives-over-the-ocean. you canadian cuddler, you.

17 March 2006

small tribute

..i watched snippits of divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood this afternoon.
and saw a picture that mirrored so closely to a friendship that i love and treasure.
here's to three other people that made my life a never ending adventure.
one that had its twists and turns and trials and distance,
but we've got a big God and thus far He has helped us.

here's to Teri in the Philippines, Mindy in China, Rachel in Topeka
and me here. Wherever here is. sometimes i wonder if its possible
for a heart to be scattered all over the world

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