07 August 2006

The Word from Ukraine...

Last night I was reading through the journal I wrote while I was in Ukraine. While doing that I decided three things.

1. I think too much.
2. I think too much.
3. I felt a lot of things then that I almost forgot, but should always remember.

//One of the entries went like this..
Dec. 14 2005..
I want to trust You, never doubt.
I want to love You, never ceasing.
I want to please You, but not through works.
I want to worship You, but not for all others to see.
I want to serve You, but not for my benefit.
I just want to praise You.
I just want to learn I can't lose Your love and that it is unending.

It's one of those things that one might pray about and then later forget you asked for. He's beginning to unveil it. And it's beautiful.

On a slightly lighter note, I got an email from Andrey (for your Bible schoolers) and it went a bit like this..

Greetings Melanie.
Now I can communicate with you through the Internet because have connected
it to the computer. I'm fine. The wife and the daughter feel like perfectly.
I have finished the first rate of university and have passed on the second.
Write to me I wait for news from you.

I love how Russian translates into English.


the tapered pant said...

melanie. that was a startling prayer, ambitious and strong but existing in peaceful confidence. I miss the hell out of you melle, can I call you sometime?

Jacob's Rachel said...

remember that girl movie in her shoes???....at the end it says "I cary you heart, i cary your heart in my heart"......I have tears for a heart is a heavy burden...Im missing you heart of my heart, sister of unrealted flesh, hahaha....talk to you soon, "I always remember you to our savior who is christ jesus".......Bill

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