30 August 2006

This post is much delayed. I should have done it the day I saw this film. Funnily enough, however...I am not surprised that I saw a post on three other people's blogs before I got around to finally doing this

...Let me start with the music:
It's delightful..like a piece of everything someone could want in something they enjoy. Devotchka is ridiculously talented. The music kept the story flowing even when they were silently driving and adding a bit of Sufjan in there was a brilliant idea. I love the line in Chicago when it says, "I drove to New York in a van, with my friend. We slept in parking lots...I don't mind, I don't mind. I was in love with a place, in my mind...in my mind." Oh silly Sufjan. (he could come to our Christmas party as well, Kate :) The rest of the music was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the song that played during/after the credits.

Next..the story line...what beauty, simplicity, complexity, brokeness, and humaness all at the same time. I loved it. I thought the character growth was brilliant and the family was so dynamic (like most families are, let's just admit..)

oh, yeah, i'd totally see it again. It's even a good movie to see by yourself. kind of like bon said...when you see it you wish you could stick every single person that is important to you in the theater with you and watch this movie bring them the same kind of joy that it brought you.

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thekate said...

gonna see it this weekend, yes i am.

sufjan at the Christmas party. he's gotta be there. you've heard his Christmas songs, yes?

did you call back last night? sorry i disappeared-ed!! call and let me know, atleast via message, the latest.

you know the first message you left yesterday? yeah, i was in the joy with you. :) :) :)
One spirit. It's His.

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