08 September 2006

Season 3 in 26 Days


- you are glad your weekend is over because LOST is on in three days

- you recruit new viewers as if it was your job

- your at the beach and it's time to leave but the cars a long walk and you say, "Lets just build a raft out of some trees nearby."

- you see smoke in the sky and you scream, "THE OTHERS ARE COMING!"

- you refuse to watch anything with Michelle Rodriguez in it because you're:
a. upset at her for killing Shannon
b. upset at her for being a bitch to Sayid
c. upset at her for sleeping with Sawyer
d. upset at her for getting Libby in a drunk driving scandal forcing the producers to kill them off.

- your answering machine says "sorry I can't come to the phone, I'm either in school, working, or watching lost"

- something scary happens and you count, "1...2...3...4...5"

- you think Sawyer's glasses rock...and you wouldn't mind owning a pair just like them

- teddy bears are now totally creepy and sweat spots are cool

- The season two release, and the season premier is: In your calendar, daily planner, and cell phone.

- 4 8 15 16 23 42 is a password for something.

- You consider the people you don't know in your school "the others"

- you buy the soundtrack

- You drop $60.00 on the DVD when you watched every show for free on your T.V.

- "You All Everybody" is your ringtone

- Someone gets smart with you, you start waiving your hands and go, "Whatever you say MR. Locke, Why don't you go on a Walkabout!"

- Someone says you can't do something you immediately think and say out loud "Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do!!!!"

- Someone doesn't like the Food your cooking you reply, "sure beats the sea urchin from Jin, I mean when was the last time we had some bore meat."

- Someone says the baby, you get that Claire accent and repeat The BABY.

- You've run out of snacks so you eat imaginary peanut butter.

- You get on a plane and almost wish it would crash so you can make rafts and huts and awesome adventures.

- Winning the lottery suddenly doesn't sound so good.

- you have the cable guy on speed dial - just in case it gets fuzzy while you're watching...and he recognizes your voice

- people who hear you talk about the characters think they are people you know (non-Lost watchers)

- you instantly feel a close connection with anyone who knows who Eko is

- you're still trying to figure out how anna lucia got a dui since she's dead

- you're sure they make it off the island because you've seen them in magazines (can't separate reality from the show)

- you've pee'd your pants because you can't miss one second of that hour

- you yell at anyone who come into your room while you're watching LOST

- you read about John Locke for history class and immediately picture him as a bald guy who hunts boar!

- You see the pilot episode (again) and sigh... they were so young and naive...

1 comment:

Jacob's Rachel said...

You've recruted me..........and your slightly mental but I think I will soon be just as you are........

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