11 April 2012


There are so many different mama-moments, I can hardly keep track.

But one that I want to remember when I'm older and my kids have turned into teenagers and then adults are the moments when Jack and I look out the window at the pouring rain. We see the sun in the distance and stare at the huge droplets and occasional hail. Jack is at the age where he repeats everything I say. Sometimes that's not such a good thing, but it is when we're admiring something. 

I love words and I love using them. I could talk for some serious long periods of time. Jack, I do believe, may have inherited that from me. But who am I kidding? His daddy loves to talk too.

I noticed the chalk that had been left out on the porch and made a note of that. Jack did too. "Oh no! My chalk all dirty!" he exclaimed. I assured him it would be fine and we continued to watch the rain and hail.

Today, nearly an our after I had put him in his bed, I heard some noises from his room. I went back to find him scampering around, his toys everywhere and his little body out of his bed. He has never done this before. He kept saying over and over, "See the rain, mama. See the rain!" 

Too bad we live in Arizona and the rain was over.

Some mama-moments that I wouldn't mind forgetting are some of the following:
-having to pee so bad when you enter a grocery store with two kiddos, but knowing that it may be impossible to go. So you hold it the whole way home.
-middle of the night feedings. I'd love to say I cherish them and wake up full of delight, but honestly, I am so exhausted I hardly remember a thing.
-discipling and sometimes (okay, too often) having to be firm on an issue. Sometimes I wish I could be the carefree playmate I know Jack wished I could be.
...and more to come. When they happen I'll remember them.

But, man. I am loving these mama-moments as of late. Jack is talking up a storm and I love this age. 2-4 are some of my favorite years in a kid. Jack's recent thing is refusing to let his dad and I talk when John gets home from work.

"No talking no talking no talking!" he says in one full breath. We remind him we like to talk too and that calms him for a minute, barely. 

He loves to watch his shows (a long time passion of mine as well. My shows, not his ;) but I think his favorite parts are the theme songs. My goodness. He can sing them and quote his favorite episodes really well. I can't help but smile at the cuteness when it happens.

Oh these days are so full sometimes I wonder how I'll fit in a shower or cleaning up the kitchen after lunch (just checked, it's still dirty) or cleaning the bathroom floor (still dirty) but somehow we do. And somehow the days keep swimming by into a pool of memories and I try to dive into them regularly because I know too soon they will be gone and onto another adventure, another season, another year. But oh, how fun this season is.

And this last weekend was Easter. So wonderful and such a beautiful reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. It was such a blessing to hear John teach God's word, hear the call to come to Jesus and experiencing God's sweet grace once again.


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