30 July 2010

Will a Heart Explode if It Loves Too Much?

These two melt my heart. Every.Single.Time.

I love the feeling of little hands tugging on my shirt.

It something so sweet and so simple that I often find myself not even realizing he's doing it.

We spent a couple of days in Sedona with my parents for a little vacation. It was beautiful. It stormed every afternoon and we were able to see beautiful red rocks and enjoy plenty of yummy food.

Sometimes I don't think my heart can expand any more with love for this little guy. Seeing John as his dad and seeing our little gem grow and change is just magic. He is already nine months old! My heart is overflowing.

Though there are the hard times. Like lately, we co-sleep and so that means every night around 1:00am or so John brings Jackboy into our bed and we sleep, nurse, sleep, nurse off and on all night. For a while, I hardly even woke up to feed him. Lately he has discovered his limbs and with that comes tossing and turning and crawling all while half asleep. I'm not sure what I should do. Do I love having him sleep with us? Yes. Is it MUCH easier than waking up and going into his room to nurse him back to sleep? Double YES. But do I feel tired and grumpy when the morning comes? ....yes.

Dr. Sears suggests using different techniques to get a co-sleeping baby to sleep better at night. I'm going to try some of them, but to be perfectly honest I am just plain tired. I think something needs to change, but I'm not quite sure what the plan of attack is just yet. Ask me in another six months.

For now. I'm trying to just take it all in and savor every minute.

...Savor the new pout lip that is produced when he is told "no."
...Savor the open mouth slobber kisses he loves to plant on my cheek.
...Savor the constant crawling and discovering he does.
...Savor his "perch" on the window sill to look out onto our (not nearly landscaped) yard and talk to the trees.
...Savor his morning smiles and laughter that brings such joy.
...Savor the way he rests his head on our shoulder for snuggle time.
...Savor each moment because he seems to be changing so fast I'm not sure I can keep up.

Oh, did I mention he's FINALLY getting his first tooth? Nine months!

23 July 2010

a day in the rain

Yesterday was the first real Monsoon of the summer.
We opened all the windows and had a delightful playdate.
Complete with cookies and iced coffee.
It was some serious fun.

Keri came over with her kidlets; Ollie, Sutter and Addison and Sara brought Ellie. Together it was an at home nursery time. Toys flew everywhere, little arms hugged the couches, small fingerprints cascaded the windows and both Ollie and Jack crashed in the midst of it all.

Towers were built (and destroyed by babies) handstands were achieved (complete with the phrase "look at me!" after every flip.)

Thunder crashed and when it did, they ducked for dear life.

Who gets the cookie?

20 July 2010

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summer fun

.the joys of summer.

1. the heat (just kidding.)
2. visiting old friends
3. nights at the square and bill's pizza
4. stay daylight longer
5. the sounds of fans in the evenings
6. crickets chirping
7. monsoons!
8. late night star gazing/summer walks
9. swimming
10. plenty of ice cream and sonic drinks

08 July 2010

chords, starbucks and murder mystery

jack has a new obsession with cords.
He is a curious little bee and will discover anything that is hidden behind book cases or under couches.

Yesterday I had a meeting in the afternoon and tried my very best to put him down for his nap. After 45 minutes of rocking, listening to him cry, soothing and nursing I finally gave up. Or gave in.

For the next two hours he ended up trying to explore a not so babyproof home. I was reminded of how curious this little dude is and how everything is a new discovery to him. Part of me loves it. Part of me wants to see him destroy a plant and talk lovingly (and loudly) to each leaf. p.s. He does this new thing where when he discovers something he enjoys he spends about 3+ minutes talking to it and turning it around in his little hand. Items could include a water cup, a toy, a piece of string, my button, etc... it is absolutely hilarious and cute.) However, I was quickly brought back to reality and reminded that not everyone wants their plants destroyed.

Later that evening I went to Keri and Orion's house for dinner. They have three kids, Sutter, Addison and Ollie. Ollie is just a couple weeks older than Jack and an instant playmate. Jack had such a blast and didn't cry once (even waaay past his bedtime.) He was in heaven, I tell you. Around 8:30 we decided to pile into a mini-van and take a late night stroll to Starbucks. It was delightful.
that's Keri on the far right

Also...forgot-to-mention...a month or so ago our Bible study had a grand mystery dinner party. I was taken back to my days of pretending and tried to be the best Father Alfredo that I could.

05 July 2010

family retreat

the 4th is special. like most holidays it is enjoyed with a day off, lots food that's not-so-good-for-you and family bliss. but the 4th is different in that there isn't a need for gifts or some serious traditions that could potentially be hard if they didn't happen. it's just plain fun and everyone's invited!

My parents and sister came up for the 4th weekend and John's brother, wife and kids came over for the day. it was some serious fun. jack took a good nap, we played on the floor and listened to good music. we watched the proposal and played rummikub. all the sheer goodness of a holiday.

The fireworks are not my favorite, I'll be honest. We tend to find a place that is cozy and so far away you can't really hear the crackle when the fireworks pop, but it's less chaotic and less time to drive home. Jack woke up just in time to enjoy the fun. I think he'll have more fun next year.

the other highlight of the weekend was seeing Eclipse with my sister... twice. Not going to lie,
I absolutely loved it. But please don't get me started on the ending of the last book.

Jack is growing quickly...and crawling...and obsessing over cords. He is such a joy.

I met my cousin's little guy Noah for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He is so absolutely precious. It's incredible to think that our boys could grow up and go on similar kinds of adventures that we did when we were kids.

I have a poopy diaper I need to change. Peeyew.

Happy 4th of July!

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