17 May 2011

a wee bit snotty

what a face. I think he was trying to squeeze past me while saying "owwww"
Lately, things in our home are a bit snotty. Like, drooling lips, stinky breath, booger infested noses and lots of face wiping going on. We've got a cold going around and it ain't good. It's a rough one and somehow I caught it. Now, I don't want to boast or brag, but I rarely get sick. It's genetics really. I remember maybe one time in my life that my dad was sick and it was for a day and than he was back to the racetracks. My mom? Hardly ever. She only gets sick around Holidays and that's because she's workin' her booty off. They are the essence of good health. I pray that continues for the rest of their lives. I inherited their health. Well, if you discount my chronic ear infections as a kid and dozen strep throats as a teenager, but really, who is keeping track anyway? 

watching his daddy mow the lawn. 

i love my allergy-man. he handled it like a champ. and didn't come inside sneezing with watery eyes. and I had myself a little giggle.

Jack's sick spot on the couch, complete with a motor trend. His favorite reading material as of late.

So, I got Jack's cold. Maybe it's because I kiss his face about every five minutes or wipe his nose with my fingers and forget to wash my hands (eww, I know, but what can a mama do?) or that I share a bite of pretty much everything with him. He's mah boy. What can I say?

But it's been a rough one. Besides sounding like a man every morning and hawking up lungs, I am trying to slow myself down because the hardest part for me when I get sick is slowing down. I want to keep up with the pace of life. It's no brisk run, but it's a grand pace. 
So, here I sit on an overcast day, Jack taking a morning nap (something he hasn't done since his last cold in January) and I with a cup of water still in my pj's. Trying to relax and trying  not to want to be at the Dollar store with my pals and their boys right now.

having a snack with one of his good friends. yes, they were going in for a kiss at that exact moment. and that nap-hair. wow.

This past week has been beautiful. The weather warmed up (briefly, another cold front comes in tomorrow. Which I welcome.) We've spent our days at the square, play dates with little friends (and their mama's) and a whole lot of lovin' on our sick boy. 

Jack had his first big-boy puke on Sunday evening. His daddy caught in Jack's shirt, great reflexes, perfect timing and incredible disgusting. I thought I would be the kind of mom who swoops in when my darling son pukes and panics, but I didn't. Maybe it was because John was there and when he is I typically panic more, but John was/is always my hero and carried him into the bathroom while singing soothing words to his kiddo. I cleaned up. With a spray bottle of vinegar and water. Jack was so precious as he clung to his daddy's neck afterward, pale and greenish and looking shocked at what had just happened. My heart melted and we got him into his jammies and he fell fast asleep. My sweet goose.

It was just that once and I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little nervous he'd do it again during the night and didn't want to be the one to catch it that time. Does that make me a bad mama?

09 May 2011

mama day/week

This Mother's Day turned into an all week event. 

I took the liberty to make each day a Mother celebration. 

A gracious and dear friend volunteered to watch us young mom's kiddos on Wednesday so during that time I got a hair cut. Getting your hair washed when you spend a significant amount of time each day washing dishes, washing kids, washing hands, washing kid's hair, washing down tables and a high chair, is absolutely incredible.

It was awesome.

On Friday night a few of us young mama's hit the town and got delicious appetizers, dessert and some (decaf) coffee. We chatted, laughed, shared our love stories, shared advice and experiences, exchanged birthing stories and had a few bathroom breaks mixed up in between. Three hours of some bursts of laughter, inappropriate conversation for our 15 year old waiter's ears to hear (he probably wasn't 15, but my goodness, he looked young) and delicious food made this mama's day a day of joy. And my heart wells up with thankfulness at the friendships God has allowed me to experience. Both friendships over the years and the new friendships that accompany this mama-journey with love. 

and no evening would be complete without a little photo shoot.

Saturday morning brought snuggles in the early morning, with waffles and strawberries. Parties throughout the afternoon (not M-Day related, but quite fun) and good food, ya'll. I associate a good time often with good food.

Sunday my parents and sister came up north and we browsed the antique stores downtown and ate pizza while the weather cooled. I'm looking forward to the Mother's Days to come. I'm thankful for my mother and all she taught me and how she created such a lovable childhood for us. I'm thankful for John's mom who raised him to be such an awesome man and daddy. I'm so thankful to be a mama. To see Jack think of proud I am to get to be his mom. It's the greatest gift. 

The day ended with a story read by grandma and Jack's tired little self fighting sleep like no bodies business.

05 May 2011

date night 2011

It's warmin' up here in the west. We don't have AC and majority of the year, that's okay, but I'm kind of secretly nervous about the summer. I have a feeling it's gonna be a hot one, people.
Last night I woke up at 4:30 to hear John talking in his sleep. I rolled over, half awake, half-what's-goin-on to hear him say "love covers a multitude of sins. we have to remember that." in his sleep. I patted his arm, said a lil 'that's right, baby.' and got up to go to the bathroom. This morning when I asked him if he remembered saying that he said he didn't. I smiled. What a cool little nugget from God while we sleep to remember His love covers everything and it's not something we can give on our own. 

It's easy to say, to think about, to talk about, but man. It is so hard to do. To be. It's only from Him.

Two nights ago we went out on a date. It's been a while (a long while) and it's not something we do regularly. We do try to take advantage of Jack's 7pm bedtime and will cuddle up with a sweet treat (latest was coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate and almonds. helloooo) and enjoy our favorite tv shows. But two nights ago we thought we'd be spontaneous and young loves. We got a babysitter last minute and he whisked me away by 7. We jumped into the land cruiser as the sun set and embarked on our dreamy date night. It still feels weird yet familiar whenever we get in the car without Jack. Some days it feels forever ago and some days it feel like yesterday it was just us. 

We went to a cozy little Italian place and ate the best veggie lasagna ever. It was my man's dream meal. Small salad, big entree and small scoop of spumoni ice cream for dessert. Simply heavenly. It was a dream meal for me too.

Every time we come home we always say, "we should do this more often." Probably the budget restart of next month. aka, our 4th anniversary. It's fun, but not quite as fun to see how much it costs. but oh so worth it.

and Jackboy did just fine. 

03 May 2011


Sometimes you catch the light at just the right moment. 

Jack wakes up a little slower than the rest of us. He gets that from his papa. His messy wake up hair is just too fun, I couldn't help myself.

For me, that moment was yesterday on our carpet-kitchen floor, playing with a fisher price barn yard, Jack and his buddy Cougan. It was a Monday. Typically one of the most restful and family-filled days of the week. Okay, not always, but yesterday it was. We played with the boys, made smoothies and read books on the floor. It was delightful.

I wanted to capture a few minutes and when I pulled out my camera Jack instantly started saying, "cheese!" Cheese is two things. 1. His favorite food. 2. What he does when he sees the camera (obviously. What kid doesn't?) Along with the cheese he leaped forward towards the camera in time for me to snap this picture. It is so Jack. 

Jack and his buddy Cougan and the fav toy of the day, the tractor.

Blurry, yes. But so cute.

I often miss those moments. Like later that day when we caught him starring at his dad's motor trend magazine just memorized by the cars and tires and making infamous deep throated car noises. We weren't quick enough and he had already moved on by the time we got a picture.

I met yesterday with a wonderful friend and mentor who is a beacon of light to me. She is full of wisdom, experience, grace and insight. She shared with me the beauty of being in and loving the moment. Of being content in the here and now and seeing this stage of my life as the best years there are and when I'm 45, embracing those years as the best years too. Each stage of life has its hardships, but truly, each stage of life has been my favorite. It doesn't mean it wasn't accompanied by difficult trials, but in it are so many precious memories. You can't really have one without the other.  

I really want/pray to be present in those moments that if you aren't watching they just float swiftly by. I hope to be there, perhaps with a camera in hand, ready to capture that moment and love it and then be ready for the next. 'cause there will always be more.

Like today, for instance, a lovely walk with fellow mama's, sipping iced tea and listening to our boys scream/talk to each other across the store. 

I love me some moments like those.

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