05 May 2011

date night 2011

It's warmin' up here in the west. We don't have AC and majority of the year, that's okay, but I'm kind of secretly nervous about the summer. I have a feeling it's gonna be a hot one, people.
Last night I woke up at 4:30 to hear John talking in his sleep. I rolled over, half awake, half-what's-goin-on to hear him say "love covers a multitude of sins. we have to remember that." in his sleep. I patted his arm, said a lil 'that's right, baby.' and got up to go to the bathroom. This morning when I asked him if he remembered saying that he said he didn't. I smiled. What a cool little nugget from God while we sleep to remember His love covers everything and it's not something we can give on our own. 

It's easy to say, to think about, to talk about, but man. It is so hard to do. To be. It's only from Him.

Two nights ago we went out on a date. It's been a while (a long while) and it's not something we do regularly. We do try to take advantage of Jack's 7pm bedtime and will cuddle up with a sweet treat (latest was coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate and almonds. helloooo) and enjoy our favorite tv shows. But two nights ago we thought we'd be spontaneous and young loves. We got a babysitter last minute and he whisked me away by 7. We jumped into the land cruiser as the sun set and embarked on our dreamy date night. It still feels weird yet familiar whenever we get in the car without Jack. Some days it feels forever ago and some days it feel like yesterday it was just us. 

We went to a cozy little Italian place and ate the best veggie lasagna ever. It was my man's dream meal. Small salad, big entree and small scoop of spumoni ice cream for dessert. Simply heavenly. It was a dream meal for me too.

Every time we come home we always say, "we should do this more often." Probably the budget restart of next month. aka, our 4th anniversary. It's fun, but not quite as fun to see how much it costs. but oh so worth it.

and Jackboy did just fine. 


Rebecca said...

You two are a great couple and I love what he said in his sleep. My husband says that I talk to Isabella (she is in her own room and I'm in bed with my husband) in my sleep.

Nessa said...

What a nice thing to hear in the middle of the night. Great photo of you two... and I agree that getting in the car just as a couple feels so weird and yet so normal (old normal). You should do it more often... and it will soon be great weather to pack up a picnic and save the restaurant money for something else.

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