03 May 2011


Sometimes you catch the light at just the right moment. 

Jack wakes up a little slower than the rest of us. He gets that from his papa. His messy wake up hair is just too fun, I couldn't help myself.

For me, that moment was yesterday on our carpet-kitchen floor, playing with a fisher price barn yard, Jack and his buddy Cougan. It was a Monday. Typically one of the most restful and family-filled days of the week. Okay, not always, but yesterday it was. We played with the boys, made smoothies and read books on the floor. It was delightful.

I wanted to capture a few minutes and when I pulled out my camera Jack instantly started saying, "cheese!" Cheese is two things. 1. His favorite food. 2. What he does when he sees the camera (obviously. What kid doesn't?) Along with the cheese he leaped forward towards the camera in time for me to snap this picture. It is so Jack. 

Jack and his buddy Cougan and the fav toy of the day, the tractor.

Blurry, yes. But so cute.

I often miss those moments. Like later that day when we caught him starring at his dad's motor trend magazine just memorized by the cars and tires and making infamous deep throated car noises. We weren't quick enough and he had already moved on by the time we got a picture.

I met yesterday with a wonderful friend and mentor who is a beacon of light to me. She is full of wisdom, experience, grace and insight. She shared with me the beauty of being in and loving the moment. Of being content in the here and now and seeing this stage of my life as the best years there are and when I'm 45, embracing those years as the best years too. Each stage of life has its hardships, but truly, each stage of life has been my favorite. It doesn't mean it wasn't accompanied by difficult trials, but in it are so many precious memories. You can't really have one without the other.  

I really want/pray to be present in those moments that if you aren't watching they just float swiftly by. I hope to be there, perhaps with a camera in hand, ready to capture that moment and love it and then be ready for the next. 'cause there will always be more.

Like today, for instance, a lovely walk with fellow mama's, sipping iced tea and listening to our boys scream/talk to each other across the store. 

I love me some moments like those.


mattie said...

oh man.
those boys...
i just love this post, mel. feeling so blessed & inspired.

The Kinkel Family said...

Love this, Mel. Stay true to your "present" commitment. Next thing you know, your busy brood will be in elementary school and you will have no regrets as to how you spend their babyhood. Love these moments - time flies when you're havin fun!!

Rebecca said...

To be such a simple concept, being present and in the moment is hard to achieve. There is always something tugging at our brains. But yes, I always want to be present and in the moment because it's so true, they grow up so fast.

Nessa said...

Love the picture of you two and him getting the camera... so great!

I am so there with you... trying to stay present all the time. No lamenting over the past or dreaming of the future.

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