10 September 2006


Sometimes you hear...things that settle deeper than most things. For some, this happens often. Probably because they look for them. These quotes sort of just fell into my lap in these last few days. Fell isn't really the right word. Were Placed sounds better. Well, that and a ton of great music.

Just a bit thought provoking...
"Something changed inside me broke wide open all spilled out ...till I had no doubt that something changed Never would have believed it till I felt it in my own heart in the deepest part the healing came..." -Sara Groves

"And while we yet were sinners, Christ died for us. He did not leave us alone. He stepped into our condition to bring us back to God. To bring us back to what was intended. The divine, bearing all of depravity. The most horrific of collisions. The most tragic and beautiful. The breaking is glorious and loud. We have won. It might not feel like it. You might not see it just yet. But the reality of our situation is that rescue is present. Every second of life is spent in the very presence of God. There is not a second of human history that he has not been present. Majesty is here. And it is coming. Finally. Just be quiet. And wait."- David Crowder

"I used to think discipline and self-control was a natural by-product of a supernatural holiness and revival. but now I see that lack of self-discipline is keeping my holiness (which I already have in Jesus) from controlling my life and coming to the surface. This is a brand-new view, and I believe I've isolated the enemy's greatest stronghold in my life at this time... Discipline is not holiness--nor the way to holiness--it just helps you maintain it."
(Keith Green, 1980)

life is good. God is glorious.

08 September 2006

Season 3 in 26 Days


- you are glad your weekend is over because LOST is on in three days

- you recruit new viewers as if it was your job

- your at the beach and it's time to leave but the cars a long walk and you say, "Lets just build a raft out of some trees nearby."

- you see smoke in the sky and you scream, "THE OTHERS ARE COMING!"

- you refuse to watch anything with Michelle Rodriguez in it because you're:
a. upset at her for killing Shannon
b. upset at her for being a bitch to Sayid
c. upset at her for sleeping with Sawyer
d. upset at her for getting Libby in a drunk driving scandal forcing the producers to kill them off.

- your answering machine says "sorry I can't come to the phone, I'm either in school, working, or watching lost"

- something scary happens and you count, "1...2...3...4...5"

- you think Sawyer's glasses rock...and you wouldn't mind owning a pair just like them

- teddy bears are now totally creepy and sweat spots are cool

- The season two release, and the season premier is: In your calendar, daily planner, and cell phone.

- 4 8 15 16 23 42 is a password for something.

- You consider the people you don't know in your school "the others"

- you buy the soundtrack

- You drop $60.00 on the DVD when you watched every show for free on your T.V.

- "You All Everybody" is your ringtone

- Someone gets smart with you, you start waiving your hands and go, "Whatever you say MR. Locke, Why don't you go on a Walkabout!"

- Someone says you can't do something you immediately think and say out loud "Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do!!!!"

- Someone doesn't like the Food your cooking you reply, "sure beats the sea urchin from Jin, I mean when was the last time we had some bore meat."

- Someone says the baby, you get that Claire accent and repeat The BABY.

- You've run out of snacks so you eat imaginary peanut butter.

- You get on a plane and almost wish it would crash so you can make rafts and huts and awesome adventures.

- Winning the lottery suddenly doesn't sound so good.

- you have the cable guy on speed dial - just in case it gets fuzzy while you're watching...and he recognizes your voice

- people who hear you talk about the characters think they are people you know (non-Lost watchers)

- you instantly feel a close connection with anyone who knows who Eko is

- you're still trying to figure out how anna lucia got a dui since she's dead

- you're sure they make it off the island because you've seen them in magazines (can't separate reality from the show)

- you've pee'd your pants because you can't miss one second of that hour

- you yell at anyone who come into your room while you're watching LOST

- you read about John Locke for history class and immediately picture him as a bald guy who hunts boar!

- You see the pilot episode (again) and sigh... they were so young and naive...
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