25 May 2010

the end of an era

The series finale of Lost was on Sunday night.
It was...to most people, not the best ending. It didn't answer all our questions, nor did it give an astonishing ending. But it was good. To me, it signified the end of the last six years.

I texted my brother after it was over and we wrote back and forth about how many things have changed during our dedication to this show. All the changes we've made and places we've lived. How we fell in love with our now spouses, got married and the hard times we've gone through. Much like the characters in this show I feel that when the show started I didn't have much direction, nor a desire to find the direction. I was just a kid, mostly, and connected so deeply with a show that valued letting go and searching for the true Hope. I grew to love those characters and identified with them during parts of their journey.

And now it's over. And it ended good. I'm glad I don't have to go back six years and relive those times, but I am thankful for them.

Along that journey I met up with my cousins every week to follow the adventure and try to predict where it was going. We ran through the rain and chased after "Vincent."

Shortly after I met my future husband and Lost was how we struck up conversation. He hadn't seen season 2--and I had just bought it. We spent the next few weeks watching the entire season and quickly bonding and gradually falling for each other.

During the difficult hiatus, we had a miscarriage and it was probably better that way.

But during this last season, we have a little boy who tends to disturb us during commercials, who we didn't really name after the main character of the show, but if asked I might be tempted to say we did.

Fare thee well, Lost. Thank you for letting me come along your journey. I couldn't have imagined a better story.

22 May 2010

Friday was one of those days...

1. I had a terrific Goodwill find.
I found this little beauty (that retails for $180 bucks, might I add) for a whopping 7.99! Do I know what I'll use it for yet? No. But I will. And it was only 8 bucks!

2. Of course Tylenol and Motrin recall their infant products when our kiddo is teething! Come on, peeps! I need some relief!

Jack loves his avocados and prunes.

and his daddy

It was the kind of day that even in the midst of the hard/exhausted times God's grace is still so fresh every morning. How thankful and humbled am I to be able to embrace each morning with a healthy little guy, a loving husband and such a faithful God.

21 May 2010


We bought a house.
It's nestled in in a neighborhood, surrounded by trees and and bushes (that we will one day remove)
It needs to work, but what good thing doesn't take work?
It's mid-century modern style and with all original 70's interior.
Our conversations often now consist of dreams and ideas and paint colors.
We move in 2 weeks!
Sometimes I wonder, what on earth were we thinking?

These cabinets will one day be transformed into rad avocado green cabinets.

One reason I'm glad to be moving?
To leave behind the neighbors (who I can currently hear through an open window.) Yell and cuss at each other and their dogs barking at all hours of the day.)

Question of the day....
What will/could make this house a home?

20 May 2010


jack on our hike around links lake

After waking me up every two hours, jack was not a happy camper today.
perhaps he was as tired as i am.
he was still full of all the cuteness in the world.

i love when he nurses and then reaches up to touch my face while he' s eating. its so gentle and precious.

i love walking into his room when he's waking up from his nap and he gives me that tired smile that scrunches his little eyelids together.

i love feeding him pears and watching his faces as he tries the different textures. avocados are my personal fav.

i love nursing him in the middle of the night, even when i'm half awake. i just know this time is so fleeting and will be gone before i know it.

i love it that he's our boy.

yesterday we went to see a new pediatrician for a second opinion about his poop issues. you know what the doctor said? oh, just a few memorable things...

1. "You know what my motto is? K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid."
2. "Don't bother seeing those gastrointestinal specialists. They are off in la-la-specialist-land." ( he said this a total of about 3 or 4 times.)
3. "I think someone's a little o.c.d." meaning jack's mom
4. "Give him 3oz of pear juice and that should clear him out."

Needless to say, we won't be going back to see dr. k.i.s.s.

And......a restless, sleepless night later he still hasn't "cleared" anything out.

but oh...the walk was simply delightful.

13 May 2010

Dwight Shrute's Brother

let's change that picture...

one of my favorite things about Jack?

he doesn't care if my farts stink.

what could be better than that?

today john and i drove back from phoenix the looong way. we took a highway that looped around prescott rather than directly to it. it was a beautiful drive. so picturesque. so beautiful that we stopped on the side of the road, let jack scream for a bit, ate our In-N-Out and turned up iron and wine. it was blissful.
i still can't believe we get to live here.

on another note, i'm on the search for a dairy free/soy free pizza crust. i'm dying for pizza.

it's office night! speaking of...
i think i might have found dwight shrute's brother...

08 May 2010

bath time and godparents

so thankful it turned into this:

i am so glad that part is over. for now. was i seriously that huge?

a few things that being a new mom has taught me...

1. having to be soy-free and dairy free is not easy. i repeat, NOT easy. but i found a website that has really helped: heart of cooking
i think it's allowed us to continue eating....and healthy too! she sends you a weeks worth of recipes all dairy, soy and gluten free. we are lovvving it.

2. middle of the night wakings are not the worst. though difficult at times, it is precious to feel that tiny little person next to me; cuddled and close. or as my husband says, "sleep is not as important as smiles, snickers, giggles and toe-chewing."

3. he will poop eventually. right?

4.being a mom is the best job ever.

5. that's all..for now.

jack and his godparents. such a great visit!

this is an awesome adventure.
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