22 May 2010

Friday was one of those days...

1. I had a terrific Goodwill find.
I found this little beauty (that retails for $180 bucks, might I add) for a whopping 7.99! Do I know what I'll use it for yet? No. But I will. And it was only 8 bucks!

2. Of course Tylenol and Motrin recall their infant products when our kiddo is teething! Come on, peeps! I need some relief!

Jack loves his avocados and prunes.

and his daddy

It was the kind of day that even in the midst of the hard/exhausted times God's grace is still so fresh every morning. How thankful and humbled am I to be able to embrace each morning with a healthy little guy, a loving husband and such a faithful God.

1 comment:

Kristina said...

geez. I LOVE these photo updates. what a cute little guy.
I'm continually SO happy for you Mel.

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