08 May 2010

bath time and godparents

so thankful it turned into this:

i am so glad that part is over. for now. was i seriously that huge?

a few things that being a new mom has taught me...

1. having to be soy-free and dairy free is not easy. i repeat, NOT easy. but i found a website that has really helped: heart of cooking
i think it's allowed us to continue eating....and healthy too! she sends you a weeks worth of recipes all dairy, soy and gluten free. we are lovvving it.

2. middle of the night wakings are not the worst. though difficult at times, it is precious to feel that tiny little person next to me; cuddled and close. or as my husband says, "sleep is not as important as smiles, snickers, giggles and toe-chewing."

3. he will poop eventually. right?

4.being a mom is the best job ever.

5. that's all..for now.

jack and his godparents. such a great visit!

this is an awesome adventure.


Spiro said...

i need to mee this boy!!!

Spiro said...

eh em. *meet*

the tapered pant said...

i just think it's the most amazing thing that little jack-boy has trouble pooping. classic...at least we know he'll fit in at the Cape...

Kristina said...

I love that little guy.
It makes me SO happy reading these updates.

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