21 May 2010


We bought a house.
It's nestled in in a neighborhood, surrounded by trees and and bushes (that we will one day remove)
It needs to work, but what good thing doesn't take work?
It's mid-century modern style and with all original 70's interior.
Our conversations often now consist of dreams and ideas and paint colors.
We move in 2 weeks!
Sometimes I wonder, what on earth were we thinking?

These cabinets will one day be transformed into rad avocado green cabinets.

One reason I'm glad to be moving?
To leave behind the neighbors (who I can currently hear through an open window.) Yell and cuss at each other and their dogs barking at all hours of the day.)

Question of the day....
What will/could make this house a home?


Spiro said...

congrats you guys! BIG STEP!

Kristina said...

WOW! Major congrats. What a great project it will be, Joh and I LOVE dreaming of what our future home will be like. THIS IS YOURS!

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