27 July 2014

some of jack's favorite things

this shot just cracks me up.

I'm sure you know, but our boy loves LOVES cars, and trucks and planes and firetrucks and monster trucks. He loves everything with wheels and a motor.

So much in fact, that over the summer he had a teacher on the one day a week he went to pre-school who had a "motor skills station" which just rocked his world.

He would tell me every day that he got to play in the motor skills station. I know what this means, but he just knew it said "motor" and "station" and that was all it took to get him there.

Daddy's 31'st birthday!!!

He got a soccer ball and a day ALL TO HIMSELF. and an evening to see whatever man-movie his heart desired. We watched The Edge of Tomorrow (so good) and the kiddos got to stay home.

Zoey and her puppy-pal. She is named marshmallow and the white fluff has turned a slight brown. Zoey carries her everywhere and loves, loves her.

My adventurous, brave, strong, carefree and happy boy.

20 July 2014


The thing about kids and illness is, it's unpredictable. and I don't do so great with unpredictable things. There, I said it.

I wish I could sense when they're about to get the stomach flu, a cold or an ear infection.
I wish I could sense when they're about to get hurt, hurt someone or touch a hot stove or slam their little fingies in the door.
I wish there was some sort of sense that said, "this is about to happen. be ready."

There typically isn't…though sometimes there is a little bit of mama-sense. Ya know, when it's quiet and you're in the other room and you got "it's too quiet. they're into something." and you go into their room to find lotion or diaper creme everywhere. haha.

But a few weeks ago when Jack had his 107 fever, there wasn't a whole lot of mama-sense going on.
There was a "you're-coming-to-the-store-with-me-so-your-dad-and-sister-can-nap-since-you-won't." sense happening. And it wasn't my finest moment, I'll be honest. We stopped quickly at Big Lots and Walgreens to grab a new thermometer. He'd stop every few feet and say how cold he was. I held him for a while and told him this is why he needed to nap.

Sorry, buddy.

When we pulled into the garage he said, "right when we get inside mom I'm going strait outside because I am cold and I wanna be warm!" which is not an abnormal thing to hear from my Arizona-born son.

So when we came inside I told him he could go outside while I bring the groceries in.
Within a few minutes he was back at the door asking for a drink of water. He felt a little warm so I asked him to come inside and sit down for a second so I could get his temperature. This was a little inconvenient for my boy and would rather not be bothered.

But when I did swipe that little gadget across his forehead and it read 107 I nearly lost my mind.
How on earth? He was just playing outside?

John seemed to react a little more concerned than I did. Having just experienced a high temp with Zoey a week before (thank you, double ear infection) I had spent a lot of time on the phone with nurses who said again and again "what we look for is how they're acting compared to how high the temperature is." Jack didn't seem to be acting too different, but none the less we took his shirt off, turned on a fan and put a cold wash cloth on his forehead. We gave him some medicine and waited. Then called our babysitter to stay with Zoey and swooped Jack into the car and to the ER.

In retrospect, it was probably one of his favorite memories (if you remember it, Goose.) because he had mommy and daddy and mom's games on her phone and dad to play trains with at the hospital and he had zero other symptoms.

So strange.

For me, it was an experience I'll never forget. For the first time in my short years of motherhood I didn't shake with anxiety over what would happen to my baby boy, I didn't giggle when I shouldn't or feel like I was going to vomit (this happens to me often when our kids gets sick.) I think it helped that he was acting himself, but more than that it helped that he could communicate how he was feeling.

I pray Jesus has made a change in my heart, I pray that He has overcome my anxiety over whether or not my kiddos are sick or gonna-be, 'cause it's just not worth it. and what control do I have over it any how?

My mantra for this year has been "even if my greatest fears happen, and they could, He will carry me through because He always does." 

that idea rocked my world. To not wonder if He is punishing me, or trying to "teach me" something or just test my faith. But to know and remember that we live in a fallen, broken world and bad things will happen and that's not a part of His plan. But even if they do, even if our kids get high temperatures or break a limb or have to have surgery, He is the only thing and person who can and will carry us through. Simple truth, I know, but still amazes me.

thankful Jack was fine a day later and couldn't wait to go back and play outside.

17 July 2014

summer 2014

We've been livin' it up this summer.

Jack has taken swim lessons and has loved every second. I love seeing his little personality develop more and more.

I see this tender side emerging. The side that's beneath the rough edges of his toddlerhood and becoming his little boy-self. Today he asked, "mom, are you mad at me?" which startled me. toddler-Jack wouldn't have even thought about it. (or maybe he did, but couldn't verbalize it) For us, for him, that's a huge step. To be able to sense a change in someone's voice and demeanor. (for the record, no, I was just asking him to clean up his toys.)

He loves to sit in bed and sing songs together. Raise our hands when we sing worship songs. Tickle backs and give each other goose pimples. John has taken over putting Zoey to bed so it leaves most bedtimes for Jack and I. Some nights we open the windows and look at the moon, other nights we listen to the rain and some we just quickly go to sleep cause it's 9pm and mama's got a take a shower and little man is so tired.

I treasure these nights for as long as I can still fit on the edge of his bed. I love how he'll stroke my cheek with his blankey in hand. The way he smiles at me. The way he asks me to turn the bathroom light on.

Time has taken our little toddler and turned him into this strong, sensitive, energetic yet kind little boy. Jesus has grown him into this person who can love on his sister and her little friends and run after older kids in an open field.

the other night he had gotten his feelings hurt at someone's house and was having a bit of a meltdown. as i've learned him over the last 4 (almost 5) years i know that there's something deeper there (may be hunger or may be hurt feelings) 
so when i finally got him to share it he burst out.
"he took that toy from me and it hurt my feelings!' 

and there it was. and we hugged and i said i was sorry and he felt heard and validated and affirmed.

so strange what a difference that makes. 
i love learning little people, especially at this age. i love hearing their likes and dislikes. like when i moved some toys off of his dresser he came out looking really off.

"mom." he mumbled. "you moved my trains and firetrucks off of my dresser and i do. not. like. it." i was a bit shocked that he said it so calmly and yet proud that he had verbalized that it had bothered him. 

where did you go, little goose? i can't believe how fast this part of life is going. 
i can't wait to see who you continue to grow into.

02 July 2014

mama's day

this is a majorly late post, but here it is!
from mother's day!

this one. made me a mama.  
teaches me every single day the His mercies are new every morning
and there's grace to cover the way we are that we wish we could change.
he teaches me how to be patient and speak kindly and laugh and go on adventures.
he keeps me young and and reminds me how fragile relationships are and how they need to be taken care of and not for granted.

this one teaches me to see beauty in everything. 
to stop and see puppies and babies and to have courage 
to do things on her own.
she reminds me of patience and strength and the beauty in being an individual and to not compare
to other kids or stages or places they are.
she reminds me of the beauty and importance of not caring what any one is thinking
but dancing in the aisle or singing let it go at the top of her lungs.
she keeps us up late and gets us up early, but the girl has the sweetest spirit.
she's drawn the kindness out of all of us and created a little habitat of love.


this post got me…written from a dear friend who gets my heart and shares my struggles and is trudging through this life and sees it as just a dot and reminds me not to focus on where we've been or where we are, but where we're going. kind of like this article did too.

i've really neglected this blog, once again.
some times i just don't know what to write.
well, that's not entirely true, some times i just can't find the time to write.
nap times, since february, have been spent with more discipline than i thought i was capable of and are devoted to adoption paperwork. i've tried to keep that separate from my time with kiddos and relationships and mom's group. mostly because it keeps me from getting annoyed with interuptions. it's been a tough balance and i'm sure i've let so many things fall through the cracks…which is really hard for me to accept.

these last few weeks have been a push with adoption paperwork. it's all coming together, but it's been hard to balance. to balance being with the kids and remembering papers that need to be scanned and sent to the translator. today i was thinking about the greatest challenge for me in this paperwork portion of the adoption process and for sure it has been having to push my way through people and be assertive when i talk to them. i often just take whatever someone says as the fact and don't push harder. i'm a peace maker at heart and don't like to ruffle any feathers, but in this crazy, doesn't even make sense process, the greatest asset a mama has it to assertive and keep asking until you get the answer you're hoping for. and people respond to that.

i've begun to wonder if Jesus wants me to stop being so passive and start addressing things and people and behavior. my husband will tell you i don't have a problem doing that with him, haha, but i do tend to have a hard time saying what i really think to people. i've never been as assertive as i've had to with this paperwork process. every one looks out for numero uno and so i guess it's time i step up a little, not for me, but for that little one in Haiti who God has planned to be in our family and one of ours. i do it for her, wherever she is and whoever she is, and just like with my biological children in the doctor's office or at school, i'm their greatest advocate.

i never would have thought that would have been the stretch God had planned for me through this process. the waiting and unknown isn't as hard for me, but the persistent calls and staying on top of things has been a challenge.

who knows what the greatest stretch will be in the next process.


these pictures are from months ago. i have some loaded up on my camera, but i need to unload them into picassa.

birdie is talking up a storm. of course, strangers can't understand much of it, but we can. and jack can. and they have little conversations outside for hours about who knows what.

and sister loves her babies.

and her dadddy. who she wakes up and sleeps with almost every night around 2 or 3am.
i have given in and automatically move to her bed in her room. i can't snuggle and fight over covers all night. she just loves to be next to someone.

i don't know where she got that from. ;)

her legs are growing longer, her steps are stronger and little person is so enjoyable.
she loves puppies (as you can see) and all things Jack.
she can definitely voice her own opinion, especially if it's no to her request for a sucker.

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