02 July 2014


this post got me…written from a dear friend who gets my heart and shares my struggles and is trudging through this life and sees it as just a dot and reminds me not to focus on where we've been or where we are, but where we're going. kind of like this article did too.

i've really neglected this blog, once again.
some times i just don't know what to write.
well, that's not entirely true, some times i just can't find the time to write.
nap times, since february, have been spent with more discipline than i thought i was capable of and are devoted to adoption paperwork. i've tried to keep that separate from my time with kiddos and relationships and mom's group. mostly because it keeps me from getting annoyed with interuptions. it's been a tough balance and i'm sure i've let so many things fall through the cracks…which is really hard for me to accept.

these last few weeks have been a push with adoption paperwork. it's all coming together, but it's been hard to balance. to balance being with the kids and remembering papers that need to be scanned and sent to the translator. today i was thinking about the greatest challenge for me in this paperwork portion of the adoption process and for sure it has been having to push my way through people and be assertive when i talk to them. i often just take whatever someone says as the fact and don't push harder. i'm a peace maker at heart and don't like to ruffle any feathers, but in this crazy, doesn't even make sense process, the greatest asset a mama has it to assertive and keep asking until you get the answer you're hoping for. and people respond to that.

i've begun to wonder if Jesus wants me to stop being so passive and start addressing things and people and behavior. my husband will tell you i don't have a problem doing that with him, haha, but i do tend to have a hard time saying what i really think to people. i've never been as assertive as i've had to with this paperwork process. every one looks out for numero uno and so i guess it's time i step up a little, not for me, but for that little one in Haiti who God has planned to be in our family and one of ours. i do it for her, wherever she is and whoever she is, and just like with my biological children in the doctor's office or at school, i'm their greatest advocate.

i never would have thought that would have been the stretch God had planned for me through this process. the waiting and unknown isn't as hard for me, but the persistent calls and staying on top of things has been a challenge.

who knows what the greatest stretch will be in the next process.


these pictures are from months ago. i have some loaded up on my camera, but i need to unload them into picassa.

birdie is talking up a storm. of course, strangers can't understand much of it, but we can. and jack can. and they have little conversations outside for hours about who knows what.

and sister loves her babies.

and her dadddy. who she wakes up and sleeps with almost every night around 2 or 3am.
i have given in and automatically move to her bed in her room. i can't snuggle and fight over covers all night. she just loves to be next to someone.

i don't know where she got that from. ;)

her legs are growing longer, her steps are stronger and little person is so enjoyable.
she loves puppies (as you can see) and all things Jack.
she can definitely voice her own opinion, especially if it's no to her request for a sucker.

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