17 July 2014

summer 2014

We've been livin' it up this summer.

Jack has taken swim lessons and has loved every second. I love seeing his little personality develop more and more.

I see this tender side emerging. The side that's beneath the rough edges of his toddlerhood and becoming his little boy-self. Today he asked, "mom, are you mad at me?" which startled me. toddler-Jack wouldn't have even thought about it. (or maybe he did, but couldn't verbalize it) For us, for him, that's a huge step. To be able to sense a change in someone's voice and demeanor. (for the record, no, I was just asking him to clean up his toys.)

He loves to sit in bed and sing songs together. Raise our hands when we sing worship songs. Tickle backs and give each other goose pimples. John has taken over putting Zoey to bed so it leaves most bedtimes for Jack and I. Some nights we open the windows and look at the moon, other nights we listen to the rain and some we just quickly go to sleep cause it's 9pm and mama's got a take a shower and little man is so tired.

I treasure these nights for as long as I can still fit on the edge of his bed. I love how he'll stroke my cheek with his blankey in hand. The way he smiles at me. The way he asks me to turn the bathroom light on.

Time has taken our little toddler and turned him into this strong, sensitive, energetic yet kind little boy. Jesus has grown him into this person who can love on his sister and her little friends and run after older kids in an open field.

the other night he had gotten his feelings hurt at someone's house and was having a bit of a meltdown. as i've learned him over the last 4 (almost 5) years i know that there's something deeper there (may be hunger or may be hurt feelings) 
so when i finally got him to share it he burst out.
"he took that toy from me and it hurt my feelings!' 

and there it was. and we hugged and i said i was sorry and he felt heard and validated and affirmed.

so strange what a difference that makes. 
i love learning little people, especially at this age. i love hearing their likes and dislikes. like when i moved some toys off of his dresser he came out looking really off.

"mom." he mumbled. "you moved my trains and firetrucks off of my dresser and i do. not. like. it." i was a bit shocked that he said it so calmly and yet proud that he had verbalized that it had bothered him. 

where did you go, little goose? i can't believe how fast this part of life is going. 
i can't wait to see who you continue to grow into.

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Roxanne said...

Such sweetness. Such love. You are such a good mama!

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