27 July 2014

some of jack's favorite things

this shot just cracks me up.

I'm sure you know, but our boy loves LOVES cars, and trucks and planes and firetrucks and monster trucks. He loves everything with wheels and a motor.

So much in fact, that over the summer he had a teacher on the one day a week he went to pre-school who had a "motor skills station" which just rocked his world.

He would tell me every day that he got to play in the motor skills station. I know what this means, but he just knew it said "motor" and "station" and that was all it took to get him there.

Daddy's 31'st birthday!!!

He got a soccer ball and a day ALL TO HIMSELF. and an evening to see whatever man-movie his heart desired. We watched The Edge of Tomorrow (so good) and the kiddos got to stay home.

Zoey and her puppy-pal. She is named marshmallow and the white fluff has turned a slight brown. Zoey carries her everywhere and loves, loves her.

My adventurous, brave, strong, carefree and happy boy.

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