16 December 2011

Home stretch!

This week, Zoey decided to turn head down. To prepare for labor. To get ready to greet the world with her little person. It's really happening.

The last few weeks have been both uncomfortable and painful as she was a little late to be lying transverse. After much, much prayer, praying for trust, a little bit of puslatilla, some serious lunges off the side of the couch, crawling on my hands and knees, and lots of walking she decided to get her rear in gear (literally.) So thankful and relieved that she's comfortable.
Last night I saw this movie for the second time. And it was great. This song is so beautiful and I find myself listening to it whenever I can. It's so simple and true. It also takes me back to my honeymoon and the magical moments with the man I love. Sometimes I miss those days, but mostly I can't wait for the adventures ahead and the getaways we'll have. Post babies, of course. :)

We also watched this movie the other night. It was so, so good. I highly recommend it! Kept us thinking for days. The story was fiction, but on true history, but oh so good.

and too bad I'll have a little one when this movie comes out. But can't wait to see it, none the less.

13 December 2011

december moments

December is flying by.

I am trying to enjoy each day of the month and attempting to do something special with the family. Mostly because I love Christmas so much, but also to treasure these last few weeks before Zoey arrives.

Over the weekend we ran errands and spent  the afternoon trying to coax Jack into taking a nap. He wasn't havin' it. So, we went In-N-Out, to the mall and let him walk and run as much as he could (and as much as I could.) It was one of my favorite days ever. It's so great to laugh with John and share jokes that you can only share with someone who you have known forever. And oh, how I love it that I've known him for how long I have. I love new friends, but I treasure, value and am loyal to those that I've known for years and years. It's like the friendship just gets better and better (though sometimes, true to life, it goes the other way) but for the most part old friends seem to just get better with each year. John is one of those friends. I really loved him when we got married, but I knew once our relationship seasoned more and more (we only knew each other for 9 months) that our friendship would deepen and ripen with time. It's such a great journey and I can't believe I get to spend the rest of life with him! 

All that to say, I had this moment as I drove the car to get new tires on Saturday. It was this brief, but so real, memory of living in Ukraine and spending Christmas alone with below freezing temperatures and in a country that shoots off fireworks for New Years and does very little for Christmas. I was loving the adventure, but couldn't help but feel really homesick for the future and for Christmas' spent with my love and a family of our own. I remember listening to this song with my iPod (a different version, but I like Michael's best. Of course.) and singing it in my head as loud as I could, praying for the man that was meant to be, wherever he was. Little did I know that the following Christmas I would be spending it with John and in Michigan with his family. It was such a beautiful and subtle reminder that Jesus' timing is so much better than ours and He truly hears our heart's. It made me so, so thankful for John and for our marriage and friendship and that he is a better man that I could ever have ever imagined (and I have a great imagination) and that he gets to be the daddy to our kiddos.

Michael Buble'. Gets me every time.


Kind of the biggest bummer of this last week was that our Zoey bird is in a very uncomfortable position. According to each ultrasound and my most recent appointment, she is transverse. Which means she's lying across my stomach rather than head down where she should be at 33 weeks. It. is. painful. Most days are really uncomfortable and I find myself dreading the nights, but I decided a few days ago to trust that Jesus will turn her. I've had my share of panic moments of wondering if she will turn? Will I have a c-section? Why is she transverse? But, like the first trimester of both of my pregnancies, that waiting and trusting time is challenging, but beautiful all at once. As soon as the fear comes to my mind I just pray and ask Jesus to help me to choose to trust, because on my own. I can't. But He is oh so faithful. I still feel worry creeping up often, but try to just trust and pray because I am running out of ideas and standing on my head off the side of the couch is getting old. ;)

Can you tell the little booger isn't lying the way she should be? Ouch, and ouch I tell you. But praise Jesus for each kick and....intense nudge.


The reality that it will only be the three of us for a little while longer is upon us. And Jackboy is finally coming to terms/understanding the reality that a little sister holds. Er, kind of.


Last weekend we had a huge snow storm and don't you know it, I took full advantage of the weather and made a lot of cookie dough and watched Holiday Inn. Oh, it was lovely.

The snow didn't last long, but was truly magical while it did. It snowed again last night, but has turned into a slushy mess by morning. Now it is officially raining over the snow.

Oh, these two. Two peas in a pod, I tell you. They are so much fun.


Jack has his 'favorite car' and he has named him 'Red.' He wants to sleep with him each night and during his nap and when he isn't found in the morning, panic arises. 'Favorite car, favorite car!" he says again and again. This is Red, shielded carefully in all his glory. I can't help but be reminded of Red from Shawshank Redemption and as soon as Jack named his car that, that's instantly what I thought of. The fact that he says "favorite car' and has named it fills me with such joy I can't even express it.

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