27 June 2011

hello, summer.

I feel like it's been forever since I've written.

Maybe because it has been.

Maybe because it's been hot here in Arizona and I spend the afternoons camped out, napping while Jack naps and when he awakes, we share a smoothie and hit the road to beat the heat. ie, go to goodwill or walmart. Your pick.

Maybe because Jack just doesn't allow for computer time anymore. If he sees the computer/tv screen on (our computer doubles as our tv) than he is convinced it is time for one or all of the following: Wonder Pets, Thomas the Train, Fireman Sam or some documentary about cars that John watches with him. He likes his shows, but we try to limit his time, thus, mom gets her computer time limited too.

the boys had fun, but they were cold. It was so funny because they would just sand at the end where all the kids were sliding.

but after a quick wardrobe change, Jack grew to like it.

Maybe because when we are awake we are out with friends enjoying water parties or making trips to Costco or trying to embrace and enjoy summer. I wish I could say that with real enthusiasm. I must tell you that I've been listening to Christmas music on Pandora nearly every morning because it brings me so much joy. I can't wait for winter to be here once again. I know that sounds strange and kind of...sad, but I do love a little chill. I'm trying to embrace summer by enjoying plenty of watermelon, listening to plenty of bluegrass, going for walks after the sun dozes and looking forward to the monsoons which should arrive in 30 days or more. But whose counting?

And once the big kids took a break they figured out how to slide.
again and again

We've also been celebrating Father's Day, enjoying bluegrass festival at the square and listening to Jack's new whine/squeal. Sometimes, he can't decide when he's happy or sad.

 I wish you could hear this noise. Seriously hilarious/ kind of annoying.

It might have been a while since I've written because I've had a strange case of first trimester all-day nausea. I awake with it, I bare it through breakfast and it sticks with me like the summer heat until I doze off at about 10pm each night. But, each day, I find myself thanking Jesus for the gift that is another little bean growing slowly inside me (and pushing the pouch that Jack left over quickly out) and that we're almost to 10 weeks and almost to the end of the first trimester. Praise Jesus! I've felt so sick since 2 weeks before I even missed my period (does this happen to other people?) and have felt it get worse as each week passes. But, man. It's been such a great reminder that things are going well. That though it was so hard to lose a little one in February, that God's timing is perfect. That the little bean in there is hopefully growing like they should be and Lord willing we will meet him or her the end of January. Another reason why I'm listening to Christmas music every day? Perhaps.

this was taken right before my sister's graduation back in May.

While our little bean has been growing each week, Jack has been growing almost as quickly. He is changing and while I rocked him to sleep today (for he got his leg stuck in the side of the crib and had a litttttle bit of a freak out) I looked at his head and arms and long legs and could hardly believe he is almost two. How does time go so quickly? John and I were talking the other day and I thought out loud, "Jack will never know what it's like to be an only child. He won't remember this time. Being a big brother is all he'll ever know." To which we both smiled. Siblings are truly glorious things.

I'm off for a little nap, please don't judge. Or judge that I just bought a big 'ol thing of potato salad at costco. Helllooo, summer.

21 June 2011

dada day

The weather was designed for Father's Day this year. 

The sky was bright, the breeze was cool and we stayed home bound for this day. Normally we go to my parent's house, but between two sermons and a kiddo who needs a nap and doesn't nap well in the car, we decided not to go this year. After a gourmet meal of Arbie's beef and chedder, fries and a Dr. P, John settled in for a few episodes of his new favorite show, Prison Break. 

The best gift John gave me on Mother's Day was the freedom to do whatever I wanted to. John's really good at sharing the load when it comes to Jackboy, but on M-Day, he gave me the day off completely. It was just...incredible. I tried to do the same on Father's Day. He kept saying things like "Wow, this is so awesome!" and "I don't even know what to do I have so many options!" I should probably give him Father Day-like days more often, huh.

So, after nap time for Jack and three episodes of Prison Break, Jack and I ran to the store and John read a good book. We returned with strawberries in hand and a serious burst of energy to cook up some salmon, mashed potatoes, salad and strawberry shortcake. In short, it was delicious. Jack enjoyed some mac n cheese. (Our little squirt still doesn't eat a whole lot of variety) and some grapes while we sampled some pretty good, if I do say so, food. 

the earlier days, in which Jack made dada very, very tired. Oh, and mama too.
snuggle time, post work.
watching the first snow fall of winter
Our sick boy being cared for by his loving daddy.
Evening bath time.

Our Jackboy loves his dada. The first thing he says when he wakes up is, "Dada? Car?" and the first thing he wants is his daddy. I'm small beans compared to dad and that's okay. I get to be the go-to person for the rest of the day.

When John is home, Jack wants all of him. It's kind of border line pathetic, really. But ohso cute. They race cars around the couch, they build train sets and read books. Jack gets thrown on beds, couches, and over John's back to the sounds of many giggles. They go and sit in the car in the garage and while Jack drives, John catches up on the news. (Thank you, iphone.) John cuddles and loves on his boy and it is so precious to watch. Being the youngest of four boys, John wasn't groomed to love little kids, but oh has Jack captured his heart. I've loved watching him become a daddy and truly love the role that God has placed him in. 
They make a great pair and I feel privileged to watch their bond get stronger.

Happy Father's Day to my baby's handsome Daddy.

And Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Pop, too. We share so many things; our love for good music, our habit of picking our fingers, our thick, curly hair, our love for having a good time, good food and lots of laughter. I thank him for making my childhood one of the best times of my life. For every toss across the pool, trip to the farm, encouraging my timid self to do ride a bike and tickle monster attack on our living room floor. My love for him as only grown and grown.

16 June 2011

summer has arrived.

Summer is here. 
And man, it is hot.

Every June I am always surprised/annoyed by how hot is gets. And so fast. Thankfully, Prescott isn't as hot as 2 hours south in Phoenix where it's hitting 105 this week! Yikes.

However, no air conditioning = hot as it gets by 1pm.
Yesterday, John came home from work to a very frustrated wife sitting on the kitchen floor trying to put patio chairs together. Jack was crying, it was 84 in the house and I was nearing my breaking point. He swooped us both off the floor (not literally, though he did swoop Jack) and carried us to baja fresh where we split a burrito and let Jack yell "Hi" at everyone in the place. It was delightful. By the time we got home it was the same temp inside as it was outside so we opened the blinds, opened the windows and welcomed that early evening breeze. It was cooled off in a matter of minutes. 

It's just rough between 1-5. Dinner makin' time. 

Jack, however, could spend every waking minute outside in the sandbox. He loves stopping to look up and see each car drive by, looking up at the tree when the wind blows and trying to flick the sand off of his body 90% of the time. He keeps saying, "Uh-Oh" over and over. He gets that from me. I laugh every time and tell him it's okay, it's just sand.

Today, he insisted on taking out his semi-truck. After a mini fit, I gave in. I'm glad I did. He had a blast with it.

I do love summer. I promise I do. Just not so hot. I'm a midwest girl at heart and just am not sure if I'll ever get used to these desert hot summers. Thankfully, that's all our Jack will know.

I am also having a hard time coming up with dinner ideas to accompany warm weather. My family normally grilled, but we don't grill much. Any ideas that use very little stove/oven?

14 June 2011

favorite things

I tend to be kind of an extreme person.

When I'm happy, man, I am happy.

When I'm angry. Watch out. For a little while at least. We're working on that.
When I love something? Man, I love it. Kind of obsessed even. For maybe a week, a month or ten years. This is in regards to things, not people. People, I could/will love forever. Loyal to a fault, but that's how I was made.

So here's a couple of my favorite things this week. Enjoy.

An oldie, but a goodie. Still brings a huge smile to my face when I watch it. I really like Jimmy Fallon.

Out of all of the movie trailers on apple.com, this recent one looks the most interesting.

and this blog.

and this blog.

and this one, too.

We've been watching these guys almost every night. Jack dances to the opening music. And we laugh. Oh, we laugh real good.

08 June 2011


We did it.

We escaped for a few days and let me tell you, it was lovely.

I had forgotten how fun it is to sit and enjoy a meal, just the two of us (because, let's face it, we are pretty cheap and rarely go out just us.) I forgot how easy it is to "run in real quick" when you're without a child to unbuckle and then re buckle into a car seat. Let's not even start with gettin' the stroller out. 

The delicious anniversary dessert we were given. She kept saying we could only pick one. I chose the chocolate one. YUM.

John is such a great husband and if I need a trip to the store flyin' solo one night, he's glad to oblige, but it's just not the same going alone. I LOVE company and especially love it when they go places with you. I am not much of a flyin' solo kind of gal. I've tried, but alas, I fail often. I enjoy it more now that I'm mama 24/7, but I still would prefer a pal to sing with in the car rather than sing alone. 

I did miss our boy, but was thankful for the break. By Sunday night we were reunited. He didn't seem to notice.

So, the weekend included a lot of music blasting car rides, yellow light runnin', 9pm ice cream trips, walks around the shops and reading late into the night. Oh, and plenty of tv watching. Though, I was surprised how little I missed cable. It was just perfect. We ate at some fun little places, had some old favs and enjoyed a delightful Jamba Juice (we don't have one up here.) 

We talked and laughed and it felt like we were dating, but obviously, better and I knew him so much deeper and more intimate than I did four years ago. He's truly become my best friend, my partner, my confidant, my love. I am so thankful we get to be in this journey together. That our lives are forever one and our little family will make up some of him and some of me. I couldn't imagine a better man. Truly.

We also hit up our favorite second hand shops in Phoenix and made sure to swipe some good deals. Bargain shopping is wonderful, but it takes time and patience, not something I have a lot of with Jackboy. 

Jack had the time of his life. He swam most of the days we were away and got a skinned toe and rough knees that signal boyhood is in full force. He's a wild man, our little guy, and I love trying to keep up.

I did miss that cheeky smile and slobber chin
Thanks to mom and dad and Mags for watching Jack. He was so well taken care of. Oh, my dad was showing off his new permanent front teeth. And Maggie was teasing him.
post getaway pool party.
The first day it was kind of hard to be back. To get up at 6am, to wipe faces post oatmeal, walk away from temper tantrums, make dinner, and return to busy normal life. I enjoy fun. I know real life isn't vacation-mode and that's okay, because I do like to get a thing or two done too. I was just gently reminded how good it is to get away and remember what started it all.

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