16 June 2011

summer has arrived.

Summer is here. 
And man, it is hot.

Every June I am always surprised/annoyed by how hot is gets. And so fast. Thankfully, Prescott isn't as hot as 2 hours south in Phoenix where it's hitting 105 this week! Yikes.

However, no air conditioning = hot as it gets by 1pm.
Yesterday, John came home from work to a very frustrated wife sitting on the kitchen floor trying to put patio chairs together. Jack was crying, it was 84 in the house and I was nearing my breaking point. He swooped us both off the floor (not literally, though he did swoop Jack) and carried us to baja fresh where we split a burrito and let Jack yell "Hi" at everyone in the place. It was delightful. By the time we got home it was the same temp inside as it was outside so we opened the blinds, opened the windows and welcomed that early evening breeze. It was cooled off in a matter of minutes. 

It's just rough between 1-5. Dinner makin' time. 

Jack, however, could spend every waking minute outside in the sandbox. He loves stopping to look up and see each car drive by, looking up at the tree when the wind blows and trying to flick the sand off of his body 90% of the time. He keeps saying, "Uh-Oh" over and over. He gets that from me. I laugh every time and tell him it's okay, it's just sand.

Today, he insisted on taking out his semi-truck. After a mini fit, I gave in. I'm glad I did. He had a blast with it.

I do love summer. I promise I do. Just not so hot. I'm a midwest girl at heart and just am not sure if I'll ever get used to these desert hot summers. Thankfully, that's all our Jack will know.

I am also having a hard time coming up with dinner ideas to accompany warm weather. My family normally grilled, but we don't grill much. Any ideas that use very little stove/oven?


Melissa said...

I live in Arizona too. I have for most of my life. And EVERY summer, I still get surprised at how stinkin' hot it gets. It's like I have summer amnesia. It sneaks up on me every year. You would like I would be use to it now.

As far as dinner ideas I'm still working on that too. During the summer cooking with the stove/oven it just not fun. :)

Eleazar & Heather said...

I've got a great pasta salad recipie that is served cold. I use veggie pasta or whole wheat. It's always a hit a bbqs I'll send it with El on Sunday if you want it as this is my weekend on for work hence the 3 am post as I'm winding down and reading blogs.

r.martin said...

SANDWICHES!! Salads.....micro-wave cooking?...........

Nessa said...

Pasta salad is a good one! Make a lot of pasta one day (night or when you know you get to leave) bake off a bunch of chicken and keep it all in the fridge. Add veggies and dressing. Add peperoni or salami instead for no-cook. You could also do the pre-cooked shrimp. They are cheaper than the raw and you would just have to thaw and add to the salad. George forman grills are easy... I even cook tater tots and grilled cheese on them. Burgers, chicken, pork chops cook up really fast and the grills doen't seem to heat up the kitchen.

Nessa said...

And... that dirt covered little man of yours is just too too cute!

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