31 March 2011

saving the day

Let me just start by saying that I love these spring days.
Even more than the warm weather, I love spending them with friends. What could have potentially been a rough day with a one-year-old (who woke up at the butt crack of dawn) and who didn't want to eat much of anything for breakfast, turned into a lovely day sitting in the sun while our boys played in the sand and dirt. I sent my friend an urgent text before John even left for work saying, "Jack is having a mini-meltdown. Must evacuate." and we did. To Goodwill for dollar day and then to Christine's house to let the boys explore the new swing set. Side note: none of the boys even knew the slide and swings existed. They were too into the sand and trucks. I imagine they will change one day, but for today, it was nice.
I've been so tired lately, I can't even explain it. Could be the sugar crash from the weekend, or the fact that I've really been keeping overly busy (not my top fav in life) and not allowing for much chill time. I've also been cranky (or creeky cranky as Thomas the Train calls it) and I feel kiiindd of emotional by 9:00pm each night. 
so thankful for..

1. I need to say here (not to get all sappy) that I am so so thankful for my husband. He is incredible. He is so available and ready to help. He is supportive and carefree and listens when I need to vent. He doesn't let me wallow in my exhaustion, but rather reminds me to go to sleep and that busyness comes in seasons and we need to embrace it while its there because it will slow down and there will be plenty of time to relax and share long, beloved conversations. He is the man.

2. I am thankful for friendships. I have had many wonderful and dear friends over the years and treasure each friendship so tenderly. I am thankful for friends that get you, that understand you and can walk through things with you. I'm so thankful for friends who know you better than most and know secrets that some might not know. I'm thankful for friends to share life with, to cry with and of course, to laugh with.

3. I'm thankful for new Office episodes. I cried. I loved it. I can't wait to see tonight's episode (tomorrow on Hulu)

4. So thankful for birthdays celebrated and baby girl clothes admired. It was a wonderful weekend.

5. Thankful for my mom who will help me clean our condo at last minute's notice. She is incredible and taught me how to clean like nobodies business.

6. Thankful to live close enough to a big city to enjoy their consignment stores, yogurt land's and trader joes. But far enough away that we can enjoy fresh air, little traffic and lots of hunting.
7. Thankful for spring weather and the return of flip flops. 

8. Replacing an old diet with a fresh one and trying something new. Thankful for the funds to be able to do that.

9. seeing Jack play with his train set. He's getting it, he's pretending and moving the train around as if it's really on a track on the island of Sodor (too much Thomas?) His mind is full of fresh creativity and newness. I can't wait to hear him talk.

10. So very thankful for a good nights rest and a healthy nap for my boy. Now, to make dinner.

the bread that I wrote about last week was AMAZING! Do try it. Still incredible.

29 March 2011

what I love to do with Jack is simple.

 his static hair was killin' me!
Just being with him makes my heart soar. The way he's sitting in my lap right now, all snuggly after a long nap and the way he talks behind his binky, full of saliva and love. I love watching him grow and seeing all that he's learning and becoming. I love to just watch his little person turn into a real boy and leaving the baby behind. Though I will miss that time dearly.

 Watching him play with trains and obsessing over new Thomas episodes. Moving cars around in circles and picking out his favorites.

...and letting him wear an apron just because he wants to and because he's too cute. Don't judge. He asked for it. ;)

send in spring

Everyone has different traditions to bring in each new season. For Fall, I tend to buy the first bag of candy corn of the season and enjoy them while lighting a festive apple candle and making chicken pot pie. In the winter, I buy a new Christmas-smelling candle (is that possible? Yes.) and listen to Christmas music nearly every day and watch plenty of Christmas classics. In the Spring? I really don't have any traditions. I open the windows in the afternoon, I go for more walks. I wake up earlier. But what kind of smell do I try to fill my home with? I'm at a loss for ideas. What about you? By the time summer hits I feel too hot for candles. I try to stick with nights outside, ice cream and looking at the stars. Picnics and going to the square and a nice cups of iced tea. I've been trying to pick my brain about a spring smell though. 

This last weekend was a doozy. A wonderful, fun-filled, life changing doozy. It was so fun, I wish it was happening all over again this weekend. I am, however, still tired. Of course, it doesn't help that I let myself (over) enjoy all the incredible food and sweets and continued to stay up late each night. However, the conversation was priceless and we burned off all that food with all the laughing we did. I wish I could somehow capture the weekend better with words, but I'll do my best with pictures.

On Friday night we celebrated Sue. Sue has taken so many of us young moms under her wing and taught us so much. Her experience and wisdom is priceless and her laugh is contagious. She is incredible.

We dined, we laughed, we surprised, we ate (boy do we eat) and we celebrated Sue's 50th with a skit, games and songs and a lot of laughter.

I love parties. I love the preparation, the planning, the ideas, the fun and the fellowship that a good party brings. If there's a party, I will be there.


On Saturday we celebrated Mattie and the expected arrival of her little baby girl. Mattie means so much to me and her friendship is such an answer to prayer. I'm so thankful for all her wisdom, the way we experience this early motherhood together, her incredible soups and recipes, her laughter and the way she teaches me how to be a better mom and not to let the stress of life take away from the small things. Sharing life with other young moms is such a great reminder that we're in this together and nobody is perfect at it. It's about enjoying the moment and savoring each step because it will be gone all too soon.

 these two are such blessing. boys around the same age keep us busy, but allow for lots of great time shared. now, a little girl gets to be added to the bunch! hope she can handle all the trucks and dirt and fart noises that will be in the future.

 babies were shared and plates were spilled. and it was fabulous.

With the weekend over it allows for a wee bit of reflection time. And I'm reminded of God's goodness, His faithfulness, His provision, His timing and the joy in celebrating those we love and enjoying plenty of yummy food while we do.

Sad to say, I did miss my cousin's wedding on Saturday night. He married his true love and that was a party I'm sad I couldn't see. 

Sweet Shot Day

24 March 2011

I miss these guys today. Everyday, but more so today. Just found out John's best friend (next to him in the picture) will be here in a week for 24 hours. John is so excited. I'm bummed his wife won't make it, but so happy that they'll get to spend some time together. Thank you Lord for good friends.

There we are, at In-N-Out. Where else?


1. the busy weekend ahead. a birthday celebration, a baby celebration and lots of yummy food.

2. my man who has loved on me so much this week. even when i'm grouchy.

3. that my favorite tv shows are back to having regular episodes!

4. for God's grace and the sweet time spent with Him in the early mornings.

5. for wonderful late evening chats with a friend at a coffee shop. 

6. that March is almost over and a new budget restarts!

7. the way Jack talks to himself in the mornings for about 40 minutes strait. i need to record it.

8. for friends who are willing to watch jack while he sleeps so we can go out to dinner. what a blessing.

9. thankful for God's provision (and gift certificates) to see a nutritionist and go to a bowenwork clinic in the next couple of weeks. (more of that later.)

10. THIS recipe which I am going to make now. I'll let ya know how it turns out.

22 March 2011

snow in march

 I really have nothing amusing to write.
I'm sorry.
However, I can say that it snowed yesterday. on the 21st of March. It was beautiful.

-I got my eyes checked at costco. all is well. 

-a new month starts in one week. praise God that a new budget starts then too.

also, Jack is teething like nobodies buisness. 
this is how his face often looks.
because i take away his binky.

Also, I can say that I watched a really great movie over the weekend. John was working on an auto review which meant I got to pick the movie without wondering if he'd like it too. (that can be a sore subject that may or may not result in one of us plucking away on our iphones while the movie rolls.) without cable, we are limited, and without cable, we can choose the shows/and or movies that we watch. Sometimes, it's a battle of whoever gets there first.

The movie was "then she found me." It had Helen Hunt, Colin Firth and Bette Midler. It started out a little rough, but it was good. really good. and Helen Hunt directed and starred in it and she did an amazing job. 

my parents and sister came up for a little visit over the weekend. my mom and i made a grand lunch (okay, mostly my mom) and we ate it while jack napped. it was lovely.

I guess I can always find something to say.
The birds are chirping, spring has returned and I'm off to enjoy the last couple of jelly beans.

p.s. my current fav iphone apps : 

. instagram.
. pandora .
.shake it photo.

Sweet Shot Day

18 March 2011

love and inspirational

I love music videos. Way back from the VH1 days. Whether or not a music video was good, used to be a way to rate a song. Pop up video was a must see and full of funny little facts that you didn't know, but do now. Carson Daly's countdown was on everyday and it was in many conversations shared with friends. It was a sad day when the band you loved released a music video of them performing the song live. boring. and not to mention a waste of time. 

This video I stumbled upon today and the lyrics are not only inspiring, but so is the music video. So carefree and whimsical and inspiring. I want to dance around and sing it again and again. 

Mindy Gledhill is one of my current favorites and her music is so light and joyful, it brightens any day. I saw her live a few months ago and she was just as good as she is recorded.

Today is so beautiful outside. If I had a jeep, I would suggest to my man that we take it off-roading tonight with a picnic. It's breezy (hello weekend cold front) and cloudy, yet still warm. Perfect combination.

But for now, my man is sick with allergies/maybe a cold and I'm about to make us some smoothies. Yum and yum.

best smoothie ever.

-3 ice cubes
-one individual sized yogurt. flavored, sure.
-one banana
-a couple strawberries (or any berries on hand)
-a little oj
-maybe a little cinnamon

mix and enjoy.

have a great weekend!

17 March 2011

finian's rainbow

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I have to be honest with you, I've never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Ever. But this year, I did.

When I lived in Kansas they had a parade (but I never went to it) and growing up we never ate anything green or enjoyed Irish soda bread. We aren't Irish, so maybe that's part of it. 

I really want to try and embrace this holiday (which, let's face it, any excuse to have a party and I'm in.) and that may or may not include green pancakes in the morning and green soda bread with dinner. Who knows. Today, for one of the first times (school green pinches don't count) I went to a St. Patrick's Day party and it was great fun. We enjoyed yummy goodness such as green punch, scones, cinnamon rolls, quiche and marshmallow stick pops. We basked in the warm sunshine (with a consistent cool breeze) and watched the kiddos play on the deck. It was a great way to celebrate this holiday.

Keri with Ollie
Cougan and his trucks. Love.

The lady in this picture is Sue. She was the hostess of the St. Patty's Day Party-extravaganza. She is one of the most amazing women I've ever met and I am so honored and thankful to call her a friend. She is so caring, loving, supportive and available. She is a true example of an older woman teaching the younger (Titus 2) and gives one of the best examples of discipleship I've ever seen. She's taken us wild young moms under her wing and taught us all she knows. And laughs with us and shares life with us. I hope one day I can be that kind of woman to someone else.

My heart goes out to the people in Japan. The reality here in the U.S. is hard to grasp since we are so far away and don't feel the instant affects of it all. Having lived in Ukraine and met those who survived the Chernobyl disaster (and those whose lives were forever affected by the radioactivity that they were exposed to) my heart breaks. I pray for relief and miracles.

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