12 November 2010

the concert & the park

I could watch this a hundred times. The lyrics. The music. The soul. Love it. It reminds me so much of my dear friend Kate. A friend and I saw Mindy Gledhill (if you go to her website you also get a free download!) live last night. It was just fantastic. We took a spontaneous trip to Phoenix and spent the day cruising the city with our kids in tow. It was a lot harder than we thought. They had a blast though (I think) and Jack crashed at the concert right around 8pm. It was quite the adventure.


so fuzzy from swaying with jack in the ergo and yet such a cute set.

Today Fall was in full bloom. The leaves have fallen and I saw Jack run through them for the first time. I have so, so many fond memories of jumping into leaves, building forts in the leaves, playing in the (pumpkin) bags of leaves on the side of the road (not the safest/best idea, but it was a great hiding place during hide and seek.) I gotta be honest when I say that raking leaves was not my favorite activity. But that came later in life. A time when homework and paper routes won over a jump in the leaves.

This week has been a doozy. Colds have brought early bed times and groggy mornings. I feel like I've hardly seen Johnny. Between nights at church, bible study and last night's adventure we've hardly had a chance to really breath (and with our colds, we really haven't had much of a chance to breath.) Tonight there are plans to cozy up and watch some Parenthood, Office and drink some apple cider. 

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Anonymous said...

ahhh mel! these pictures are priceless and i'm glad you guys had a blast at that concert! never heard of the band tho...but i hope you all feel better :( sickness can really be a pain!
AH are u having as much trouble to conceal the excitement for the holidays as i am?! i can hardly contain myself!! i'm already pumpin the christmas tunes ;)
I MISS YOU! can't wait to see you guys sometime soon!
oh btw...that hat on Jack is undescribably cute. like i wanna just take it and i hope my kids will wear these kinds of hats one day :)

Jen said...

lovely song, I like her too. goes well with the day and pictures :)

J.R.Hicks said...

The first picture in this post is AMAZING!

My Captivating Images said...

Adorable photos once again! :) Hope you all are feeling better now. I loved playing in leaves to. Shhhh....don't tell anyone but I still do. :)

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