03 November 2010

harvest party and the ear ache

Two days before his little party Jack was up all night with an ear ache. He almost made it to one year without an ear infection, but just missed it by a couple of days. When I was his age I had already had about six ear infections and was about to get tubes put in for the first time. We're praying he doesn't have to go through that...ever. It's times like those that I'm thankful for all the naturalists that live in Prescott and their natural remedies to try before more medicines and surgeries. This time around we went with what the doctor prescribed, but if he gets another one we might take the naturopath route. It's just so tricky when you are dealing with a fussy kiddo who can't communicate what hurts.

We had our first harvest party this year. Jack's birthday brought with it an excuse to eat queso, drink apple cider and cook smores. All things fall and all delightful. We had a few friends over (including kiddos dressed in their costumes) and partied until late in the night. Well...when late into the night means 10pm. We were adventurous. 

We roasted and toasted smores and listened to the coyotes in the pitch darkness. We had girl talk around the fire and tried to stay warm. Our dear husbands stayed inside and watched the kiddos. It was kind of like a mini vacation.

My man did an excellent job preparing the garage...it was too cold to be out there though. haha.

Thanks to Rachel for the flags!! They are so great!

Some of the attendees. I love Addison's cute smile in the picture.

Jack kept wanting to touch the fire...

Mama's and their kiddos.

one of our few family pictures. John thought that Jack's hat looks photo-shopped on. It kind of does, but he was wearing it (surprise!) and didn't even try to take it off. Thank you, dollar store.

One birthday down...many more to go.

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