06 November 2010

It's The Great Pumpkin

our little Jack o lantern!


The funny thing about Halloween is, growing up my parents never really encouraged it. Sure, we trick or treated, had harvest parties, went on hay rides, all of that stuff, but we never really knew (or were allowed to) know what other kids did about Halloween. For instance, last night I was rummaging through old youtubes trying to find a decent Halloween movie to play for Jack each year. It was a difficult search. The best, by far, was the It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I think I will get that one to watch every year (even if my man thinks it's a little boring.)

The night was young when we arrived at Sue's. The streets in Prescott, however, were already bustling with kids (though mostly babies at this point.) We drank cider, ate candy corn (again? really?) and tortilla soup. It was heavenly. Jack was a Jack O Lantern (of course, what else would he be at the age of one?) And he joined his fellow comrades; the fairy, bee and dinosaur. I, ahem, ate more food than I should have and now feel a bit sick. We trick or treated for, oh, I'd say about a half hour before our arms were getting tired from holding Jack and our little pumpkin was beginning to look more like a deflated balloon. We returned to eat more (oh, bummer) and watch Jack play with his buddies.

Mattie's growing little baby bee!

The infamous tail. I love this little guy.

Yes, that guy DID dress as a giant lego!

As we were leaving I couldn't help but wish we did this every 
week. Except for maybe eating until you feel sick part...yeah, that part would only be saved for once a month.

Probably the highlight of my evening was after we had come home and the the sugar high was wearing off, Jack was fed and fast asleep I settled in to check some blogs and such. I hadn't heard from John in about an hour and figured he had fallen asleep (Sundays are long days for us) which was great. We had planned on watched Shutter Island (is that a good movie?) but I was okay with skipping it. All of the sudden, John stumbles out from our room in the exhausted stupor asking one word questions like "Jack? What time?" and so on so forth. After checking to make sure he was alright we had a good laugh and soon after went to bed. It was barely 10pm when we fell asleep on Halloween night. Welcome to parenthood, I guess.

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