08 November 2010

miscellany monday

Breastfeeding Jack has come to an end.

...And with it has brought 5am wake up calls 
and some serious missing of the sweet bond (more so me than Jack, I think) and the oxytocin that is released when feeding. It's been kind of a wild ride noticing the difference in when I was nursing to lately when I haven't been. I feel so different and am more often...sad. It's so strange. I'm thankful Jack weened on his own and he seems to be taking it very well, but I never ever expected that I would the one who kind of misses it. If anyone had asked me a year ago if I would continue to nurse this long I would probably have told you, "yeah, I just don't think I can do it for that long." I just didn't think I would be a mom who loves breastfeeding. I mean, in the beginning it was just an inexpensive, hassle-free way to take care of our boy.

But after figuring out how to nurse (by God's grace) + Jack's latch issues + cutting out dairy and soy to see if it would improve his bowel issues + realizing nursing on demand really is the best way to go + loving it= a hard thing to let go. I have a hard time letting most good things go and nursing is added to that list. Such sweet, precious time.

That being said, this 5am wake up call has both John and I in quirky moods. Arizona doesn't have a time change (pretty crazy, huh?) and so it seems while everyone else have turned their clocks back an hour and Arizona is supposed to stay the same, Jack just jumped on the band wagon. Didn't he get the memo? Also, my iphone thinks we live in a state that has daylight savings too and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it (ie, I haven't tried to figure out how to change it.) I'm just too tired?

Last night John and I spent most of the evening watching some SNL favs. Some of the best?


I may or may not be using SNL to replace the oxytocin I am missin' since I stopped breastfeeding. Either way, it had me laughing for hours.

Today the leaves are falling, the clouds are heavy and the wind is making the trees dance. I think a long walk is in order. Any walking-music recommendations? 

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Roxanne Anderson said...

Oh, Melanie ~happy sigh~. I just love how much you love being a mom, warts and all. It really inspires me to keep wanting children, Lord willing. And it's encouraging to see John in the trenches (and the snuggles) with you each step of the way.

Ya lublu tebya cectpa!

My Captivating Images said...

Awww....that makes me wish I had been able to breastfeed. I have always felt like me and the babies missed out.

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