29 November 2010

miscellany monday

1. Andy and Mel's visit, Thanksgiving, and Teri's recent arrival leave me with so much to write about. To document. To capture before the moment passes. My mind is spinning with things I want to remember and read over years from now and smile because this last week was really incredible. Pictures and memories to come.

2. It snowed today. The first snow of the winter. Of course it was at 8am and melted by the time church was over, but it snowed. We put up our tree this afternoon and are officially getting decked out for the holidays. How to decorate the outside of our mid-century modern style home? I'm not sure quite yet.

3. My dear old friend Teri is here for a week. In high school we spent many days and nights driving around town, jumping on trampolines and watching Stand By Me and Lord of the Rings. Along with our other pal Rachel we pretty much spent all available time together. She is a kindred spirit at the deepest level and brings such joy. She is getting ready to adventure out to Cambodia in March. She is leaving all she knows and loves and is giving up her life to find it in Him. She's going with Cross World and will be disciplining and reaching out to trafficked victims in that country. She is incredible. We spent the afternoon watching and getting inspired my Gladys Aylward in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. Does anyone remember that movie? I loved it growing up.

4. When Andy was here one of the many fun things we did was play with the Fat Booth app on the iphone. So funny. Maybe it's just us, but we had some good laughs. 

5. My dad made these hilarious Elf Yourself movies. We laughed for hours. Seriously. 

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