02 December 2010


I have a short amount time to write before our chicken pot pie comes from the oven, hot and ready to devour. Soteria is here for a visit and our time has been both delightful and refreshing. Today we went off roading and saw the most beautiful site from the Thumb Butte.

This afternoon Teri and I sifted through old letters, pictures, notes, reminders and graduation cards. It was both embarrassing, hilarious and full of nostalgia all at the same time. Such precious, precious memories. I'm reminded of what kindred spirits we are and were and all the precious memories that go along with it. I'm taken back to a time where boys, movies, drama and the deep questions about God and life were our most beloved conversation. A time when staying up until 5am talking was how we spent our Friday nights and sitting together at church was a must. For a brief time today we went back to that place and laughed, apologized and relived it be it ever so briefly. 

Some of the pictures we browsed through today...

our own ya-ya sisterhood night 2001

My seventeenth birthday

don't judge us.

stand by me recreation. 2001.

one of our infamous photo sessions. 2002

Graduation for one, 2002

This last week has included lots of laughter, movies, Glee episodes, a hike, Jack attacks (and lack of naps) and walks around the neighborhood. Jack squeeled with excitment at the sight of the horses that live down the street.

I am so thankful for such kindred souls. I am thankful for times in the past and the future. Teri leaves for Cambodia in 3 months to serve Jesus and encourage disciples of Christ to encourage disciples of Christ. She will be there indefinitely. Oh, how I'll miss her.

And I am oh so thankful for these kindred souls too. Jack and John when he was little. Can you tell they're related?


Shelly said...

Great captures!

Rebekah said...

I LOVE the Stand By Me reenactment! What an awesome idea - I'm going to have to use this idea for a teen photo shoot soon (of course I may need to get a more current reference or they'll look at me with blank stares) LOL "Miss you, River!"

Jen said...

beautiful pictures! sweet blog too!

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