22 December 2010

the Happiness Project : episode 6

December 21, 2010.

Last year, December 21, 2009.

He's growing so fast I can hardly keep up.
What happiness.

Also, praising Jesus that little Cougan is on the up and up! No fever since Sunday and no blood draw until Thursday! Praise God. I'm not sure there could be a better Christmas present for their little family.  

There have been many moments in life (unfortunately not always) that my heart deeply beats the words from David Crowder's song, You Are My Joy.
Jesus keeps bringing me back to the simple truth that He is my joy. The whole of it, the only joy worth experiencing, the joy that keeps me from sinking into the pits of fear. He's it. And He is so worth rejoicing over.



Ashley Sisk said...

Awwww both pictures are so cute. How quickly they grow!

leigh said...

You are so reflective...I am the same way. It really makes us treasure each moment. Lovely photos.

Fresh Mommy said...

This is a beautifully happy post! And I love your header... gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! :)


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