15 December 2010


My dear friend Mattie's little guy, Cougan is sick. They aren't sure what's wrong just yet, but he had a fever of 105 over the weekend and is currently at Phoenix Childrens Hospital getting dozens of tests done. They thought it might be viral meningitis. He's only a year old and the doctors spoke of the possibilities of leukemia. Please, please pray. Pray for strength for his parents, Mattie and Ryan. Courage, rest and wisdom. Pray for health for Coug, and that he'll battle his way through this. Pray for God's healing Hand to cover their family. My heart breaks for the pain that they're going through.

It's rainy today. Cold and sopping wet. Jack has been napping for the last three hours. My heart and mind keep wondering about Mattie and her baby boy.

I read this today and thought of her. I pray for her, the light that she and Ryan are to their son and the strength that they need which can only come from Christ. 
"...God places parents as a light on a hill for their family. It is our job to send out a clear signal that helps our children get their bearings and keep their wits. We're there to warn them away from rocks and shallow shoals. We're there to guide them safely back into the center of the channel when they've wandered off. We are a lighthouse, permanently established to show them the way home. Without us keeping that steady light shining, our children don't stand much of a chance of making it through the turbulent years of childhood without serious consequences." -Dr. Tim Kimmel Grace Based Parenting 
Please pray for little Cougan.

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Anonymous said...

Mel, this is the first time i have ever seen this blog page. it is amazing!!! you are such an inspiration and your words are so powerful! this last blog you wrote about cougan is amazing, he has been on my heart ever since we heard of his fever. it is always nice to turn to the bible for guidance and assurance that God is in control and he will be taking care of that precious little one!! you are amazing!
*Christine B. your neighbor :)

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