07 December 2010

happiness project : episode 6

Tonight we are having pumpkin pie for dessert. I can't wait. I love me some punpkin' pie.

I also love everything about these pictures. When we reviewed them I told John we should do this every year. Our family photo courtesy of the ornament. Jack is obsessed with these things. He could talk about them all day (oh, and he does.)

Yesterday John and I bought two Christmas scented candles. They are currently filling the house with Christmasy delight and Christmas music has been playing on pandora all day. I read somewhere the importance of playing Christmas music, watching Christmas movies and putting Christmas decorations up only during this time of year. (Is there a rule book for this kind of stuff? I don't think so--in my best Macaulay Culkin voice.) I tend to listen to Christmas music whenever (thank you, pandora.) but there is something beautiful about saving the music for a month of the year where it's kind of sacred. Kind of like only eating candy corn in the fall. It just doesn't taste as good any other time. 

So thankful for a warm home, homemade bread and pumpkin pie. We will be having other things besides that, but those are my personal favs.


1 comment:

Renegades said...

Very cool and creative shots. I can see your happiness.

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