06 December 2010

oh, Christmas tree.

Growing up, the Christmas Tree tradition was one of our favorites. Every year my parents would gift us with a new ornament. Some of my top favs are (in no particular order.) 

1. Snow White from Disney Land 
2. A precious moments from my first Christmas 
3. My brother's ornaments, of course. Especially the one with all the little toys. 
4. The little mouse holding the tea bag and my sister's holding the tea cup. 
5. A simple globe with a Christmas scene on it.

Each year my brothers and I--and later when my sister was older-- would beg mom to get out the boxes and on a school night. After our homework was finished and the piano was practiced, we sorted out our ornaments-a very important part of the process. Each of us had our own little designated piles. We would then take turns putting them on the tree (we may or may not have argued over the best spots.) This was usually followed by dinner or dessert and a before bed sprawl on the carpet to just stare at the lights. Andy and I loved to "pretend Christmas morning." and could often be found wrapping old toys in newspaper and coming down the stairs just to feel the excitment of Christmas morning. 

I hope Jack and his siblings can have those kinds of memories.  Our tree this year is not my fav. We bought it our first year of marriage off of craiglist to fit our tiny condo. Now we have a beautiful big window that is just begging for a full tree with white lights. Maybe next year. Better yet, maybe next year I can talk John into a real tree.

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