21 December 2010

hey, it's finally cold outside

Winter has arrived, people. It's supposed to snow tomorrow! day before Christmas eve!

Yesterday it was warm enough for John and I to take Jack for a walk. It felt kind of funny going for a walk on December 20, but it was nice all the same. 

Jack runs wild outside. It's like his little spirit can't hold it in and he embraces the brisk air for all that it is. I think he gets that from his dad.

This is what happens every, single time we see something he loves/and or wants.

That's our winter view. It's nothing fancy, but it's home. Everything is gray and brown and we're ready to see glittering white. Can someone please send it our way?

Tomorrow, Jack and I will venture south to Phoenix to try our hand at preparing Christmas-esque food. Okay, whose kidding? Jack will play and mom will eat. Hopefully not.

The Sing Off finale was last night and since we don't have cable we hope to watch it tonight! Don't disappoint us, Ben (Folds)!

The Paper Mama

1 comment:

Ashley Sisk said...

I am really digging the composition of the first shot! Very cool.

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