05 December 2010

blessings galore

Thanksgiving has come and gone and yet I'm still riding on it's coat tails. The entire family was together once again. It sends my heart soaring. Late night Harry Potter viewing (which was fantastic, the best one yet.) Andy's creative art project (a family first), and a new baby to join in the fun. Could Thanksgiving have gone on a week more, please?

Mel, my hilarious sister-in-law.

Andy and Jackboy

Aaron, my newest nephew. So precious.

This picture cracks me up. I love the faces and the expressions. The annoyance. The hunger. The blaring, relentless Arizona sun. John is obviously not annoyed.
Such big eyes.

Maggie had the first ever 18 year coming-of-age indoctrination. She was a great sport.

Mom and the turkey!

father and son
Pies, pies, and more pies. Did you know that some people don't like pumpkin PIE?!

Puzzles. A tradition I rarely take part in. My sister in law is always game.

My brother and Jack. Can you believe that when we were kids we were THIS cute?

It's always hard to see my brother go. A part of me wishes we could transport back to being kids every so often. A part of me feels like we're growing up too fast and when we're together I wish time would slow down just a bit. 

There's never a dull moment when our family is all together. Whether someone offended someone else or a hilarious joke was just made, there's always room for fun.

The Paper Mama


Anonymous said...

WOW! this is a good one, mel. that picture of aaron is ADORABLE!! :)
this one touched my heart.

Ashley Sisk said...

You do have a lot of blessings there! Loved the pictures.

Lisa said...

Great photos!

Diana said...

You all looked like you had a great time! What a lovely family.

L. said...

I love all of your photos, especially the one group photo outside; everyone's expressions really cracked me up!

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