28 December 2010

2010 laughable review

Here are a few of our funniest/awkward pics of 2010.

Oh, my stomach hurts from laughing already.
Going through old pictures I realized that I take waaay too many of Jack. But then again, who else would I take pictures of? ;)

January. John hates flash from the cameras. Jack, obviously doesn't know to close his eyes during pictures yet.

February. Our burrito baby. He slept like this until he was 6 months old. I don't think I'm going to do it to the next one. He wasn't very fussy, I was just hoping to keep it that way. He loved it, p.s.

MARCH. Jack didn't like being hungry, obviously.

APRIL. Jack and his spit up. Sometimes I would find him this way, covered in puke only to find him happy as can be.

MAY. I try to teach him the art of self taking pictures.

JUNE. We move into a new home and Jack hits John in the eye. No big deal.

JULY. Jack discovers power cords and his love for them.

AUGUST. One of my personal favorites. Just a random face he was making.

SEPTEMBER. Drinking water, then spitting it out. Happens nearly every time. To this day.

 Too many pictures? Maybe so.

OCTOBER. Being silly at the pumpkin patch and Jack's friend Casen not lovin' his costume.

November. Family picture time. Enough said.

 Jack loves himself some chicken pot pie!

DECEMBER. Merry Christmas!



Bridget Beth said...

I love the mohawk, and the family picture made me laugh out loud!

Ashley Sisk said...

There were so many great moments...and I also love your awkward family photo. Love it.

Summer said...

Your first September shot and December shot crack me up!

Thanks for participating!

My Captivating Images said...

We had baby eggrolls (my hubby is asian) until they were about 6 months old. I did it to all 4 of mine but 3 out of 4 were preemies. The hospital suggested swaddling them longer. I didn't know what "longer" meant exactly so I just kept doing it until I couldn't anymore. None of them were fussy babies and I think that's why, really. :)

JanMary @ www.janmary.com said...

Thanks for the return visit :) - hope you will come again!

Love the photos which show your little one growing - especially September!

Which bible college did you go to in England?

Happy New Year

Dan said...

These are awesome. You'll have these memories for years!

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