20 December 2010

This time last year everything seemed new.

We were in a new home (after moving a few weeks before Jack was born.)  

We were were enjoying a new baby, precious and so small. He rocked our world.

Though we had been married for a couple of years, our marriage was new with the welcome of our baby boy. 

Experiencing Christmas with a baby was new. Flying to John's home in Michigan (with a 2 month old) was new. Celebrating Christmas in John's childhood home, with his two brothers and loving parents was both new and beautiful. 

However, I don't desire to relive those first time parent moments. Though incredible, I'd be lying if I didn't say they were difficult. You could often find us looking a whole lot like this...

Yeah, we were definitely new parents.

I'm so, so thankful for today and where we are now. Though last Christmas was a bit difficult, I'm thankful for that experience too. I know it's difficult for most first time parents, and our experience was no exception. One day (like today) we'll laugh at those days and shake our heads. John says, "We had no idea what we were doing." to which I reply. "Who does?" 

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