30 October 2008

Most Recent Inspiration:

Unicorn Whales. How magical.

They are actually called Narwhals and are rarely seen in the cold arctic sea. They grow to be about six feet long and weigh 1.8 tons. They are mysterious, magical creatures.

Since they are rarely seen not much was known about them, that is until a couple of years ago.
The biggest mystery? Why do they have the 8 foot long tooth sprouting from their head and what is it's function? It's beautiful spiraled tusk looks much like that of a horn on a wooden carousel unicorn or any other unicorn toy we had as kids.

Here is the coolest part, Scientists discovered that the tooth has hydrodynamic sensor capabilities. Ten million tiny nerve connections that tunnel their way from the central nerve of the narwhal tusk to its outer surface. Their tooth is like a membrane with an extremely sensitive surface, capable of detecting changes in water temperature, pressure, and particle gradients. Science Article

I love it. There's nothing like it in tooth form. These animals are rare, beautiful creatures. It's inspiring.

So inspiring that I think I'm gonna write a story with about this animal...perhaps include another favorite sea creature...
Look how ferocious that creature is.

On another note, I am so done with talking about voting. I am tired of discussing it, sharing sides and "did you knows" and getting all riled up over something out of our control. I just can't wait until it's all done with.

This was inspired from a sick day spent watching Arctic Tale.

19 October 2008

A Lovely Little Diddy...

Just one of my favorite songs...

My new favorite Regina song...I think I could listen to it again and again...

13 October 2008


Try this...
Google each one of the questions below. Get the first and favorite picture of the bunch and put them up on your blog!

1. The age you will be on your next birthday

2. A place to which you'd like to travel

3. Your favorite place

4. Your favorite person

5. Your favorite food

6. Your favorite animal

7. The town in which you were born

8. The name of a past pet

9. The first name of a past love

10. Your favorite color

11. Your first name

12. Your middle name

13. Your last name

11 October 2008

I randomly saw my grandma at the grocery store today.

I was driving home and remembered I needed coffee creamer. I made a u-turn and sped up to the green light. I had just been thinking about grandma on the ride home and how I wished I spent more time with her, visited her more, perhaps even stopped by her house this afternoon.

As I walked into the store I saw her short, petite swaying body walk through the automatic doors dressed in her typical ankle length skirt she's worn since I can remember. I quickly tried to catch up with her, hoping I wouldn't startle her.
"Hi Grandma!" I hugged her as tenderly and lovingly as I could. She hugged me a few times, each time a little longer.
"Well Hello." My grandma says. She always says that. I could tell she had been crying, but I never asked what was wrong.
"What are you getting here?" I inquired.
"Oh, I just need some creamer." She responded in her laughing-voice she often uses.
"Me too!"
We walked back to the dairy isle and made small talk. I asked about Grandpa, she asked about John. We made jokes about creamer.

I can still feel the knot that was in my throat as I walked with my grandma to the checkout line. I can remember her character so clearly. The love she always showed, the million games of Skip-o we would play when I was a kid, the tender hugs, soft kisses and thoughtful birthday cards. And her laugh. That sort of awkward, soft laugh that tends to trail into the next sentence.
She's getting older. Her memory is going. She'll be driving somewhere and forget where she's going. Grandpa loses his patience and makes her feels horrible. All of this is going on, but she is still in there. I still see her. My mom is panicking about how she's changing and how they need to move into a home, but I still see the spunk and spirit and love she has in her. I wanted to hug and and kiss her cheek only to say, "Don't give up yet, just hang in there a bit longer." She is one of the hardest working women I have ever met in my life. She took a train across the United States by herself when she seven because her dad had tuberculosis and she had to live with her Aunt in Arizona. She raised seven children. She ran a chicken farm with my grandpa and when her kids were in school took a second job to help make ends meet. She took care of her own mother after she had a stroke and later passed away. She is a pillar of strength and an example of a woman of God. She is incredible. I pray that Jesus will bless me with half of her genuine smile, honest concern, hospitable nature, creator of incredible food, story telling ability, singing talent and tender heart, if He wills it.

My mom thinks she's "fading fast" and "who knows how long she'll be around." but I won't believe it, not yet. When I see her sweet smile and loving demeanor I can just see God's not finished yet. There are still things He has for her here. In His time, I know she will be re leaved, but until then I think I should just visit her more.

доброй ночи.

10 October 2008

A Little Bit of Friday Delight

I'm not sure why I like this song so much. It's definitly not because of the show, I wasn't aloud to watch it as a kid. I think it's because of the words and the joy in the song. It reminds me of Room Six mate Kate. We wrote these lyrics above the sink in our room and would play the song occasionally on hard-to-wake-up mornings. I think it might also be the dancing...the dancing...I love the dancing.

Kind of like in this one,

Another memory of our Kate.
Where is she?
In Bronx, New York.

Teaching lovely kindergartens.

What I would give to be 5 years old and be a child in her classroom.

07 October 2008

Tonight I was listening to Delilah.
Now, I should let you know that this is not a rare occurrence for myself.
Last December I took a liking to her late night show simply because during the entire month of December she plays continuous Christmas classic! It's awesome!

Back to tonight...
I was driving home from class, it was late, and I had just had an annoying encounter with a Wendy's employee.

"How much is a mini Frosty?" I yelled from my car.

"Uh, eh....er....a dollar something?"

I repeated my question again.

Exactly the way my mom does. I shudder to think.

"HOW MUCH IS A MINI FROSTY?" I bellowed. Come on, it had been a long day.

"Uh, 2 dollars."

Another employee took over shortly after and I drove home with my Frosty in the cup holder and a chicken nugget in my hand.

I turned on 99.9 and Delilah was reading a sappy letter about an appreciated person and why she was so loved. I listened, but was focusing on my new shortcut to see if I could get home faster.

But then, I heard it. It started out softly.

"Oh YEAH!" I shouted alone in my car.
And there you have it.
Elton began his piano prelude into Tiny Dancer.

In recent celebration, one of the CP's in this lovely video (credit to Spiro) is getting married! Bonnie will wed this awesome guy in February.
Bon was a room mate at Capernwray Bible school and a dear kindred spirit.
i miss her.

02 October 2008

Register to Vote.....says Leo.

I still don't know what I think about this. It's kind of weird the influence they know they have on America.
Who do they think they are?
Oh well, it will get people to register, I guess. Kind of weird.

My favorite part is when Sarah Silverman says "you can literally register to vote while you're pooping...if you have a laptop."
She is hilarious.

01 October 2008

It's All Happening....

SHEJust came out with a

We'll see how it is...

"Bounteous is Jehovah in His nature; to give is His delight. His gifts are beyond measure precious, and are as freely given as the light of the sun. He gives grace to his elect because He wills it, to His redeemed because of His covenant, to the called because of His promise, to believers because they seek it, to sinners because they need it. He gives grace abundantly, seasonably, constantly, readily, sovereignly; doubly enhancing the value of the boon by the manner of its bestowal. Grace in all its forms He freely renders to his people: comforting, preserving, sanctifying, directing, instructing, assisting grace, He generously pours into their souls without ceasing, and He always will do so, whatever may occur. Sickness may befall, but the Lord will give grace; poverty may happen to us, but grace will surely be afforded; death must come but grace will light a candle at the darkest hour. Reader, how blessed it is as years roll round, and the leaves begin again to fall, to enjoy such an unfading promise as this, “The Lord will give grace.”
-Evening C. H. Spurgeon


Fall, in all it's splendor, has truly arrived. I love the changes. The sun setting earlier. The day beginning later. The warm cups of coffee. Potentially wearing sneakers instead of flipflops. This morning I was reminded of the beauty in change.


O, and when I say sneakers I mean these badboys that just arrived...hello fall.

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