10 October 2008

A Little Bit of Friday Delight

I'm not sure why I like this song so much. It's definitly not because of the show, I wasn't aloud to watch it as a kid. I think it's because of the words and the joy in the song. It reminds me of Room Six mate Kate. We wrote these lyrics above the sink in our room and would play the song occasionally on hard-to-wake-up mornings. I think it might also be the dancing...the dancing...I love the dancing.

Kind of like in this one,

Another memory of our Kate.
Where is she?
In Bronx, New York.

Teaching lovely kindergartens.

What I would give to be 5 years old and be a child in her classroom.

1 comment:

thekate said...

could you possibly be kinder?

i miss you, dear friend.

And i miss our dancin'. I hadn't heard that song for approximately one thousand years. What a life we had. watching the CPs video brought back the place in a wave... what a life we had.

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