07 October 2008

Tonight I was listening to Delilah.
Now, I should let you know that this is not a rare occurrence for myself.
Last December I took a liking to her late night show simply because during the entire month of December she plays continuous Christmas classic! It's awesome!

Back to tonight...
I was driving home from class, it was late, and I had just had an annoying encounter with a Wendy's employee.

"How much is a mini Frosty?" I yelled from my car.

"Uh, eh....er....a dollar something?"

I repeated my question again.

Exactly the way my mom does. I shudder to think.

"HOW MUCH IS A MINI FROSTY?" I bellowed. Come on, it had been a long day.

"Uh, 2 dollars."

Another employee took over shortly after and I drove home with my Frosty in the cup holder and a chicken nugget in my hand.

I turned on 99.9 and Delilah was reading a sappy letter about an appreciated person and why she was so loved. I listened, but was focusing on my new shortcut to see if I could get home faster.

But then, I heard it. It started out softly.

"Oh YEAH!" I shouted alone in my car.
And there you have it.
Elton began his piano prelude into Tiny Dancer.

In recent celebration, one of the CP's in this lovely video (credit to Spiro) is getting married! Bonnie will wed this awesome guy in February.
Bon was a room mate at Capernwray Bible school and a dear kindred spirit.
i miss her.


lanes said...

Now I know why that song has such special meaning to you ladies. :) Wonderful editing, Spiro-- that video rocks some serious Elton!! Mad skills from the ballerina named Mel, and I especially loved Spiro's thrashing around in that one part. Awesome!

Spiro said...

mel, i think you're great. can we always be friends? and, i like your capernwray fall pic at the top. haven't seen it for a couple years now, but... i remember taking it :)

Bridget Beth said...

I love Delilah. Beau hates her. But I think he secretly doesn't mind her.

mel said...

Spi...if I could figure out how to do it I would totally put a credit to YOU for the above picture. That is so funny because I really wanted to give you the credit for pic even as I was putting it up. John nearly flipped a lid he liked it so much :) :)
I can just see your smile as you say the last phrase "but ...i remember taking it :)" (insert Spiro grin)
oh, and friends forever for sure. i'd love that.

Bridget, John won't admit he likes Delilah either! Sometimes we listen to her while we drive and though he makes fun of her, he doesn't change the dial so he can't dislike her THAT much :)

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